January 15th 2023

before Use Bulk Micro SD Card in dash cam what is Precautions?

The dash cam is becoming more and more important for driving, but this “small gadgets” of shooting video cannot be simply used. It really has a lot of problems when it comes to operate. There are also a lot of memory cards in the market, now let’s talking about the dash cam and bulk micro SD card.

There is one question often raised by people, it is how long the dash cam can generally take the videos. Based on this doubt, it is quite difficult to give accurate answer, because people may believe that the dash cam has storage inside, and think it is working like mobile phones having built-in memory. However, the dash cam actually does not have any built-in storage due to the cost. In another words, it means that the dash cam itself has no memory, and it is necessary to insert one micro SD when using it.

Dash Cam on the bulk Micro SD card

The Dash Cam has high demand on the bulk Micro SD card.
Since Micro SD Card is a must for dash cam, then we can randomly find any micro SD cards for this device, the answer is negative. Or are there any requirements? The answer is definitely positive, furthermore the requirements are quite a lot.

Some dash cam supplier will provide micro SD as free gift, but usually most cards are low capacity, such as bulk micro SD 128mb, 512mb or 1gb. The video recording by these cards will be less than 10 minutes; also such small cards are easily getting damage by long time working. It seems capacity will be one key for dash cam.

8GB or above Micro SD Card

Take 8GB or above Micro SD Card

Firstly, we must choose 8GB or above Micro SD Card. Because the current dash cam is almost 1080P high-definition recording, so the storage space occupied by video is relatively large, it is almost 1GB for about 10 minutes video. In order to shoot continuous video, it is recommended that you choose 8GB or above memory card, and the dash cam generally supports up to 128GB memory card, you need to choose 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or higher memory card according to your needs.

choosing micro SD card

Take Class 6 or Class 10 Micro SD

Secondly, let’s choose high-speed memory card. Because the video captured by dash cam is HD version, it requires not only larger storage space but also the faster writing speed. Otherwise the recorded video will be stuck and the reading will not be smooth, so the dash cam is required to equip with high-speed card. When choosing one micro SD card, according to our testing result, generally choose Class6 or above, and the Class10 card is better.

correct SD Card

Take the correct SD Card (The upper left card is the SD card, and the lower right card is the Micro SD card.)

Thirdly, we must clearly identify SD Card and Micro SD Card. Many people buy memory card will also ask the size of the card, it is to use SD Card or Micro SD Card for Dash Cam. In fact, the most common use of the Dash Cam is the TF memory card, which is smaller card, only a few ones use SD memory card, which is bigger card. This point needs to be paid attention, and then you will not get the card in wrong size.
Finally, you need to focus on the quality of Micro SD cards. Because as long as the recorder is going to shoot every moment, and the video is erased and covered (looped) in the memory card, there is strict demand for the quality of the memory card. You need to choose better quality when purchasing. How to confirm the quality? Usually you can buy from big brand, or you can search for some bulk Memory Card Manufactureronline, the price will be more competitive for bulk solution. How to use these micro SD cards properly?
Although we have the ideas of how to select the Micro SD Cards, but it does not mean that we can be released for using them. Because the card will be repeatedly erased and written as long as it is in the process of shooting, so the memory card is still the consumable item for this driving recorder, and this card also has a lot of “small problems” in the process of use.

Try to format the SD Card when using it at the first time

format SD Card before use

Formatting is one necessary step before the Micro SD card is used for the first time. No matter we purchase one new card or change another card into the dash cam, we’d better format it previously because the memory card may have Defragment or residual files in system. So it is safer to do format before the dash cam working, especially we do this step in the device; it will improve the compatibility between them.

“Your Storage gets full”

Memory card getting full is also one problem often encountered in the dash cam, everyone will ask “is there a loop shooting function? Why some videos can not be covered?” when they suffer this problem. This is actually because the dash cam has built-in G-sensor (three-axis acceleration sensor), we often come across bumps when driving in the road, so many videos are locked and cannot be covered, then it is easy to solve the problem of full card. You can delete the video in the card by yourself (the important videos can be exported to the computer for saving), and then the micro SD will be able to do loop recording again.

The recording videos cannot be played normally.

memory card may have problems

Sometimes this problem will happen to us, the video file usually can be generated, but the file is damaged and cannot be played normally. This is because there is an error during writing, and the dash cam itself or the memory card may have problems. If the Micro SD card has bad fragments, or the Micro SD card is loose, it will cause this problem, so it is best to check if there is a problem with the memory card firstly.

Export video to computer

As the dash cam generally has a small screen or no screen, so we will export the video to the computer for better viewing. This operation is relatively simple; we just need to pay attention to some operations like plug and play.

Bulk Micro SD Card

The importance of the drive recorder memory card cannot be ignored. The Dash Cam records the whole driving process in reality, so the video has to be saved completely. The memory card is the medium for storing the video by the dash cam, and then the quality of Bulk Micro SD Card will affect the operation of dash cam. When we strictly purchase the dash cam in order to get the best one, we must take the same standard for micro SD card.

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