January 15th 2023

USB port is defined by Type-A, Type-B and Type-C

Now many devices equipped with USB port, what kind USB ports they have adopted? How many types USB we can use for these devices? Below image will give us an answer for USB types.

Type-A, Type-B and Type-C

USB port is defined by Type-A, Type-B and Type-C  from the left to right in the image. All these ports are called USB port but different model. The USB widely used by the public is “Standard Type-A USB”, which is the standard port. The type-A and type-B are the derivative ports from USB.

Type-B USB port

Type-B USB port isnt adopted by the devices as often as Type-A, but it is not stranger to the public as this port is used by many printers, usb hub and some the other USB devices. Usually the ports in PC are Type-A, and external devices will be equipped with Type-B port.

Type-C USB Port

Type-C USB port was firstly launched in 2014, the size of it is much smaller than Type-A and Type-B, also the speed of this USB is based on USB 3.1 standard, so many phones and laptops have changed their charging ports into Type-C. The most amazing part is that the Type-c USB port is one fully reversible-plug USB connector, no matter adjusts the port in which direction, the device can be connected with this port easily.

Type-C USB Port

Does the whole USB family just have these three types?

It is negative answer; the members for this family are as many as as below picture.

Type-c USB3.0 port

(The picture excludes Type-C)

Let’s talk about the most popular connector “Type-C”

The debut of Type-C port is with MacBook. The advertisement of this MacBook was saying the most effective charging way is by Type-c port, which explained Type-c is faster than USB3.0 port and can do blind plug. Now many phones has adopted this port as data and charging slot, such as Huawei, xiaomi, Samsung, HTC and some the other brands. And many accessories and Memory Sticks are also using Type-C as connectors, especially for OTG USB flash drives, they build bridge between phones and external storage or PC.

The Characteristics of Type-c Port: (Data from Intel IDF)

OTG Type-c

Will OTG Type-c replace OTG Micro USB?

The android phones were all taking Micro USB port as the charging and data transferring slot before, however, many new android phones start to be equipped with Type-c due to the high speed. The high speed required by users pushes the manufacturer of android phones choose new slot to catch the USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Then many famous phone brands are using type-c now, it is obviously wise to make this decision, as it is a way to win the market share.

OTG USB Drive must follow this change, as it is one of the best external storage for android phones. Then OTG USB Drives with Type-c are in mass production, it is the way to catch the development. Besides the speed, the most amazing advantage of OTG USB with Type-c is blind plug; it saves users’ time to find out the correct direction. Also the cost of Type-c is almost same as Micro USB, but the function of type-c is superior to old Micro USB.

Maybe it will take only 2 more years, all the android phones will only use type-c as their connector, but maybe there will be another new port coming and replace all.

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