we find some problems when using Micro SD in Dashcam
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To Get the Right Format of Micro SD

Sometimes we find some problems when using Micro SD in Dashcam, GPS and phones, which is not recognized by these devices at the beginning or not readable after using for days. However, these Micro SD cards are workable with PC, and then getting ideas of the micro sd format will be the solution. 

to know the right format of micro sd cards

If there is no problem with the hardware, then it is the compatibility issue between Micro SD and devices. So it is the key to know the format of  Micro SD Card.

There are four types of Memory Card, which are FAT, FAT32, NTFS and EXFAT.

Let’s start to know them in details.

micro sd card back side

FAT Format

It can support the max capacity to 2GB. Most phones will work with this version.

FAT32 Format:

It can support the max capacity to 2TB, but the single file must be less than 4GB. micro sd card Usually for GPS and Dashcam request this format, as the recording file occupies much space.

NTFS Format:

The Max capacity can reach 2TB, and there is no limit size for single file. This type is designed to load big file, e.g. if your single file is over 4gb, then it is more stable to load the content. Usually it is working with some industrial devices.

EXFAT Format:

The Max Capacity can reach 16GB. The format is usually available with the capacity above 64gb; many cameras or sport devices will use this format.

The best way to resolve the compatibility issue is to do reformatting, and reset the Micro SD into correct format.

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