January 15th 2023

what are the USB characteristics of soft pvc, and what are the differences between soft pvc and silica gel?

Soft gel is a kind of material made of plastic injection molding. It needs vulcanization treatment and feels hard at normal temperature, that is why it is called soft glue. So, what are the characteristics of pvc soft gel? What is the difference between soft pvc gel and silica gel? Next, the editor will explain the knowledge about these aspects in detail, let’s take a look at it together.

pvc for USB Flash drive shell

PVC material stands for polyvinyl chloride, it is one of the plastic products that are been most produced in the world. Pvc USB flash drive can be referred to as plastic bulk USB flash drive for short. The silica gel USB flash drive shell is a shell that uses a kind of silicone material to protect Custom USB flash drive. The three-dimensional effect, visual effect, color and hand feeling of the silica gel USB flash drive shell are all good. It is non-toxic, creative and fashionable.

PVC plastic thumb usb

How to distinguish the difference between PVC USB flash drives and silica gel USB flash drives? Both pvc and silica gel are materials for USB flash drive shells. Many people don’t know how to distinguish them, nor do they know the specific differences between these materials. I am sure everyone knows USB flash drive. However, many people still can’t tell the difference between PVC USB flash drives and silica gel USB flash drives today, even after silica gel gift USB flash drive come to the market and have been popular for a while. The editor will introduce the differences between these two USB flash drives in the following passage:

(1) Burn the USB flash drive with fire, turn on the fire with a lighter and burn the USB flash drive. The one made from silica gel will have white powder, while the PVC one will be burnt directly.

(2) Touch the USB flash drive with your hand. The silica gel one has a meaty texture. It feels soft. But the PVC one will not feel like the same. It is soft but not a meaty texture.

(3) Smell the USB flash drive with your nose. Silica gel will not smell, while PVC has the light smell of plastic.

What are the characteristics of PVC soft feel

1. Temperature resistance

Under high-temperature electromagnetic radiation, the PVC soft gel will not fall off or decompose. This is because the PVC soft gel belongs to the organic silicon product. At the same time, it is also resistant to low temperatures, so it can be used in a wide range of scenarios.

2. Weather resistance

If you know a little about silicon, you will know that silicon is difficult to be decomposed by ultraviolet light and ozone. Therefore, it has good stability, strong weather resistance. It is used in ecological environment and has a very long life span.

3. Electrical insulation performance

It has good electrical insulation performance, and all of its insulation material coefficients ranked first, including electrical loss, voltage resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, volume resistance, etc., and all these electrical properties are less negatively affected by temperature and frequency. Therefore, pvc soft gel is commonly used in the electronics and electrical industries.

4. Physiological inertia

Polysiloxane compounds are one of the most inactive compounds that we known. They are very resistant to biological aging, have no chemical reactions with animal bodies, and have poor anticoagulant properties.

5. Low surface tension and low surface energy

The main chain of organic silicon is very flexible, and its intermolecular force is much weaker than that of hydrocarbons, so its surface tension is weaker, the surface energy is small, and the film-forming ability is strong. This low surface tension and low surface energy are the main reasons for its application: hydrophobicity, defoaming, smooth foam, anti-sticking, lubricant, glazing and other excellent properties.

What is the difference between pvc soft gel and silica gel

1. PVC products are made of polyvinyl chloride, oil, and color paste. The raw materials are made by micro-dropping process along with the heating process. For silica gel, you only need to use silica gel plus color paste and formulate through chemical element rubber mixer, and then placed it in a mold and heated by a hydraulic press to form its shape.

2. From the appearance, PVC products are harder than silica gel products, and the surface of silica gel products is smooth and colorful.

3. According to feel, silica gel products are harder, with poor toughness and elasticity, while PVC soft gel is rarely hard, but both material’s hardness can be adjusted, but PVC has no toughness.

4. PVC materials includes common materials and environmentally friendly materials, also known as ATBC-PVC, while silica gel can pass ROHS certificate and is also environmentally friendly.

5. Silica gel products are generally relatively translucent, its burning smell is relatively small, and powders will occur after burning, while PVC products will turn black after being burnt with fire, and the smell is unpleasant.

6. Silica gel products are more heat-resistant and drought-resistant than PVC products. Silica gel products can be heated in microwave oven, but PVC cannot.

Summary: The characteristics of PVC soft gel and the knowledge of the difference between PVC soft gel and silica gel have been explained in the above passage. People who must know or friends who are interested can self-study and reference. I hope that the above content is helpful for everyone.

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