January 16th 2023

Nano memory card extension has a lot of advantages, that is why Huawei spends support it at high cost

T-flash memory cards were not seen on new phones released in recent two year. Some people even said that T-flash memory cards of phones tended to be cancelled in the future. While Huawei remained committed to saving the extension of T-flash memory cards at high cost instead when many manufacturers cancelled the memory card. It surprises us that T-flash memory cards are still seen on a series of high-end or inexpensive phones including HuaweiP30 series, Mate series, Glory9, Glory V9, and Changwan 6X as usual.

huawei NM card

As we all know, to cancel the extension of memory cards brings many advantages. For example, it can improve the holistic performance of phones, make them thinner, save cost and enhance profits, etc. While it takes certain material cost to save micro sd memory cards, much space is needed for the interior design, a series of tests and maintenance are also needed. What’s more, users even blame manufacturers for their bad experience in using shoddy memory cards. Anyway, it seems unwise to save T-flash memory cards, then why should Huawei spend so much money in saving it?

256GB nm card

It is one of the choices of Huawei to do so in the fierce market competition so that it can emphasize its brand advantages.

Every function innovation may play a key role in enabling manufacturers to stand out. There is also some inconvenience brought by concelling memory card extension except advantages.

To begin with, common users find it hard to accept the large price gap among different memory storage
The price gap between the two memory classes of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB stands to five or six and even seven or eight hundred yuan. While prices of T-flash memory cards on the market are usually several or Twenty to fifty dollor, which is much cheaper.

Second, some common users demand a little for phone usage, and they believe that saving flash memory card extension is better than concelling it.
To cancel flash memory cards brings many advantages, such as those mentioned above, however, for most users with different demands, they do not care these advantages. T-flash memory cards are so slightly slower than flash memory that people who do not care about it can’t notice the difference. They demand much for the convenience of memory, and they can accept the slight difference in speed. Under such circumstance, phones available to memory card extension are more attractive to them.

phones supporting memory Card

the advantage of the phones supporting memory Card is far beyond these, there are more superiority

You can install the system through the flash memory card when it fails to work, which is easier to operate than those not available to the memory card. Besides, you can use a T-flash memory card for a long time and even after you have used several phones. What’s more, you can put the card with photos, music and videos into your new phone instead of moving them by yourself.

otg-flash memory cards

You can’t save your photos and videos if your cellphone is out of work and needs changing its mainboard. While cellphones available to T-flash memory cards allows you to save your materials by taking out its card. People can think how long a memory card can be used and how long they will use their phones if they worry it will fail to work. What is more important is that such phone helps save money. You can buy several memory cards with the price gap between 64GB and 128GB flash memory, that is why so many people are more willing to buy such phones. Also, there are some intelligent people extend the memory by connecting the memory flash card reader to the memory card.

two SIM cards or a SIM and a NM memory card

Maybe different series and prices including Huawei, Glory and Changxiang are still available to the memory extension to meet these users’ demand. However, Huawei unites slots of Naon SIM card and NM memory card as one to meet different users’ demand. That is to say, two SIM cards or a SIM and a NM memory card can be put into card slots simultaneously. Therefore, Huawei not only meets users’ demand for dual cards dual standby, but also allows users calling for higher capacity to extend the memory by means of the T-flash memory card.

Nano Memory Card and micro sd card

NM is known as Nano Memory Card, 45% smaller than a traditional micro SD cards. Therefore, we should pay heed to their difference when choosing to use. Now quite a few users want cellphones with dual cards dual standby, that is why so many android cellphones are available to it. Huawei unites the slots of SIM card and memory card as one, designing the two layers to save memory space on the basis of traditional dual card slots. It is humane for Huawei to satisfy users with different demands.

dual cards dual standby and memory card

Card slot uniting as one can save the interior space of cellphones to the hilt and make dual cards dual standby and memory card extension possible. Therefore, it is necessary to make the T-flash memory card available. Do you think so? And what do you think of the issue that whether memory card extension should be cancelled or how to replace it?

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