July 4th 2023

Where to choose a Custom USB flash drive? MRT storage is waiting for you

Nowadays, it is more and more common for people to use computers for work. Moreover, sometimes it would be more convenient for you to use a custom usb flash drive to transmit data. However, a very bad thing happened to me recently. The USB flash drive that I always used before suddenly disappeared. Because it is not very eye-catching and small in size. I spent a lot of time to find it but failed, so I can only buy a new one.

How to order right custom USB Flash drive?

But this time I did some homework before placing the order, and planned to try a custom USB flash drive. So that the uniqueness of its appearance has increased, maybe it will be more eye-catching. So, after reading the enthusiastic recommendation from many netizens, I learned about the custom U disk using MRT storage. The comments from users tell that MRT storage is an expert manufacturer.

customized USB flash drive

(MRT storage, customized USB flash drive)

I also learned that MRT storage has been involving in storage for 11 years. Meanwhile, the management in charge has 15 years of experience in the mobile storage industry. I believe that its professionalism will not let me down. After all, its appearance can not define custom U disks. If the disc is easily getting damage or slow to read and write, which greatly affects my usage experience, no matter how good its appearance is, I will not buy it.

customs usb flash drive

In the end, what helped me made up my mind is those praises from the comment in the online stores of MRT storage. Many consumers said that their Custom U disk has clear patterns, the metal texture is good, and the reading and writing speed is also fast… A high satisfaction rate of 4.9 assured me and I immediately contacted the customer service staff of MRT Store and sent the pattern I wanted to customize.

custom usb flash sticks

(MRT storage, personalized usb flash)

Communication with MRT storage

After a while, the customer service staff sent back the renderings for confirmation, and made a little bit of changes. My pattern add its English name beside a 2020 concert pattern, the customer service staff told me that it will be more beautiful if composed like this. Only then did the I found that MRT storage can also provide ideas and make designs for consumers. I am so impressed by the customer service lady who can design and has aesthetic judgment.

Later, they let me choose a customize process. I can go with laser engraving, which is more wear-resistant, or color printing, which has more colorful colors. I chose the former one, and you guys can choose according to your own preferences.

What’s more worth mentioning is that when the customer lady knows that I am afraid of losing the USB flash drive, she especially recommends a USB flash drive with a hole in the shape, so I can string together the USB flash drive and the key ring. I don’t need to be afraid of losing it again, is it very sweet?
If you are also considering buying a customized USB flash drive, you might as well take a look at MRT Storage, you will definitely not regret it!

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