January 16th 2023

The Speed Difference is Nearly Four Times. The Secret Hides in Low-price USB Flash Drive. the astonishing part hiding in tiny USB flash drive.

USB flash drive is familiar in our daily life among many digital accessories. But there is a astonishing part in common USB flash drive.

Today, what I wanna share with you is that we rarely notice in USB flash drive even me.

The very different transmission speed of USB3.1

USB interface is already universal, but we remember that USB3.1 can divide into Gen1 and Gen2 whose difference is the transmission speed.

The biggest transmission speed of USB3.1 Gen1 is the same with USB3.0 the largest ideal broadband of 5Gb/s ,.while USB3.1 Gen2 is 10 Gb/s. Strictly speaking, USB3.1 Gen2 is the real USB3.1.

Many products are being promoted to apply to the latest USB3.1 interface whose transmission speed is similar to USB3.0, but partial techniques of mature brands have already used Gen2 in their product.

It is a common thing that many users have seen USB 3.1 Gen1 as USB 3.1. In fact, USB 3.1 Gen1 is the waistcoat of USB 3.0. The transmission speed of USB 3.0 is the same with USB 3.1 Gen1 , just the difference in name.

1, The biggest transmission rate of USB3.1 Gen1 can be theoretical bandwidth speed of 5Gb/s. 2, While USB3.1 Gen2 is 10Gb/s.

Do you think that there are differences among identical USB3.1 Gen1 interface.The standard USB flash drive of USB3.1 Gen1 can be generally divided into 3 levels in function.

Minimum level: Continuous reading speed is less than 100MB/s, which belongs to the mainstream level; Medium file: Continuous reading speed is between 150MB/s and 300MB/s, which has strong performance; Advanced file: Continuous reading speed exceeds 350MB/s or even 400MB/s, which has reached the theoretical speed limit of USB 3.1 Gen1.

You don’t think that there really isn’t such thing. I carefully checked many products like hugdiy.COM on the speed of the introduction, the gap is really big.

usb 3.1 gen1

Text really think that all consumers are green hand, USB3.1 Gen1 sincerely wronged. 80MB/s continuous reading speed, I once thought he had read wrong, others wrote “write” rather than “read”.

The speed is normal, but I want to remind you of the standard speed of different capacities, which we will talk about later.

There is strong product, but the price is relatively higher. For a product with reading speed of 420MB/s and writing speed of 380MB/s, the same 128GB capacity, the price of CZ880 Supreme Speed is 42.8$, while the price of DDC2 Supreme Speed Edition with reading speed of 150MB/s is 18.8$.

The capacity of 128GB product is reasonable.

When we began to pay attention the product of the same interface, I suggest you give up the product of 64GB USB flash drive capacity priced about 6$. I think that you have noticed that the capacity is bigger, the speed is fatter, if you look front picture carefully.

The price of present popular brand products of 128GB capacity with USB3.1 is about 18.6$,while the reading function is about 150MB/s.For mainstream consumers, hundreds of MB of copies of games, videos or TV dramas are frequently transmitted. The product of this specification is quite reasonable.

The rumor of USB flash drive.

The USB flash drive capacity is larger, the speed is faster.After checking dozens of products, I found that this recognition is really correct, but are there similar in other market rumors for a long time?

The faster it goes, the sooner it doesn’t work —  we really have to worry that a fake 32GB USB flash drive that writes data in 150MB/sec and loads it in less than four minutes, will write and then scrap it after how many rounds data. In fact, the speed of reading and writing is proportional to the capacity of flash memory.

The concrete example is that the real capacity of 32GB USB flash drive is about 29GB. Assuming that its service life is 3000P/E, the USB flash drive must be written in 29GB data once consumed. When 3000P/E is used up, the USB flash drive will be discarded.

The slower the USB flash drive is used, too — as is the case with flash media. The longer you use it, the more bad blocks you will have. The master is tired of running, and the speed will surely slow down until the critical point where the bad blocks can not be broken by CRC finally appears. In fact, it’s very simple to improve the speed, which is similar to SSD. It’s good to restore the factory settings after formatting directly, but this kind of operation can’t be too much.

USB flash drive read speed 420mb per secend

You should pop up safely, before unplugging the USB flash drive. Previously, it was said that they want to prevent the USB flash drive from being occupied by the task of reading and writing , unplugging the data randomly will lose the data”. The importance of data has made the small partners take this question very seriously for many years.

It was also said that the buffering and refreshing speed of data in USB flash drive becomes very fast usually at millisecond level, if its function is excellent. In this way, even if the user’s USB flash drive is unsafe to exit that is, pulling out the USB flash drive directly it will generally not lose data.

In fact, Microsoft really decided to change the default deletion policy of external storage media to quick deletion in May of the update of Windows10.That is, when you pull out external storage devices, you can remove directly without clicking safely removing devices.

The default policy is quick deletion from Windows10 1809. The function of default deletion policy is best in early Windows version. Users can change policy devices of every external equipment. If you change the device connection to the same computer’s end, the device policy remains effective.

The knowledge among small USB flash drive is abundant, do you feel that you have promoted yourself from this article.

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