January 16th 2023

focus of the domestic conference is naturally on the price of Huawei Mate 20 series mobile phones and the score of DxOMark camera.

On October 26, Huawei’s annual flagship Mate 20 series mobile phone domestic conference was held in Shanghai as scheduled. Since the features and parameters of Mate 20 have been fully announced at the previous London conference, the focus of the domestic conference is naturally on the price of Huawei Mate 20 series mobile phones and the score of DxOMark camera.

Just half a year ago, Huawei’s P20 Pro camera scored 109 points in DxOMark! Looking over the whole 2018, none of the mobile phones of all brands in the world can break this record, and everyone also firmly believes that only Huawei itself, namely the new Mate 20 pro, can break this record. So the result of people’s rating for Mate 20 photos is naturally a super expectation, but this expectation has become a suspense.

huawei mate20

HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro

At the conference, Yu Chengdong answered the following questions about the DxOMark rating that everyone paid attention to: “if Huawei publishes the camera rating of mate 20 series mobile phones, then half of the DxOMark ranking will be Huawei’s mobile phones, which will bring too much pressure to the friends, so we will not do the rating.”

It seems to be a simple answer, but it has a lot of meaning. Huawei has inadvertently defined the global standard for camera phones, which has not only become the commanding point for other mobile phone manufacturers to pursue, but also enables the world to focus on the R & D strength of Chinese mobile phones in camera. However, this is just the beginning. After taking photos as a global standard, Huawei seems to want to redefine the standard to the end. So, we saw the latest globalization standard – nm memory card in the conference!

nano sim and NM card

HUAWEI Mate 20 and NM memory card

HUAWEI leads mobile memory card standard in the era of comprehensive screen.

In 2005, SD Association officially announced the format of MicroSD memory card, and approved the final specification of microSD memory card in that year. Its volume is 15mm × 11mm × 1mm, which is only equal to the size of girls’ nails. For the next 13 years, the Micro SD card has been the smallest memory card and has been widely used in mobile phones.

However, in the era of comprehensive screen of smart phones, Micro SD card has encountered unprecedented crisis.

Before the full screen mobile phone is popular, the internal design space of mobile phone is relatively rich, and the traditional three card slot is very popular. However, in the era of comprehensive screen, all flagship mobile phones are competing for 100% screen share, and the internal space of mobile phones has been used to the extreme. Some mobile phones even have to give up the front camera. It’s even more powerless to support the memory card.

Common card slot design

Common card slot design

Common card slot design,the picture is from the internet.

Since the second half of 2018, the upper and lower double-layer, also named as double NANO SIM card, card slots have gradually replaced the previous horizontal double or three card slots. Micro SD card has been abandoned by flagship machines of mainstream manufacturers such as Huawei due to its too large volume, which will soon spread to Qianyuan and entry-level machines.

HUAWEI Mate 20 card slot VS treditional card slot

HUAWEI Mate 20 card slot VS treditional card slot

Although the Micro SD card is abandoned in the design of new full screen mobile phones, users still have a very high demand for the memory card.

At present, the standard configuration of many mobile phones is still 64GB or 128GB, which can be said to be only enough. With the continuous upgrading of mobile App and the increase of the number of software users need, more and more storage space will be needed. So we found that the storage with mobile phone is too limited. A sentence of “enough is good” can not solve any problems today or in the future. Only the mobile phone that supports memory card can survive successfully.

At the same time, for business people and government staff, many important encrypted information, data and so on need memory card to store the key, while the internal flash memory of mobile phone is not competent for such special needs. If the mobile phone does not support the memory card, it means to carry professional encryption tools, which will undoubtedly increase the burden of official travel, and the risk of loss will also increase if the mobile phone does not carry the memory card, which is also the significance of the memory card.

Why is HUAWEI the company that defines the new standard of mobile memory card?

Obviously, there is a conflict between the user’s needs and the design of a more extreme full screen mobile phone when it comes to the storage card. Giving up the support of memory card directly will undoubtedly lose the interests of users, which is what Huawei, the industry leader with strong R & D strength and user demand as the core, does not want to see. As a result, Huawei nm memory card came into being, which perfectly solved the problem of future comprehensive screen mobile phone storage expansion.

Nano memory card vs micro sd memory card

HUAWEI NM memeory card VS Micro SD memory card

Compared with Micro SD memory card, the volume of Huawei NN memory card is reduced by 45%. It has the same shape and size as NANO SIM card, and can share the card slot with NANO SIM card. At the same time, its reading and writing speed is far faster than the common memory card, which can bring a smooth and incomparable use experience! Many users may want to ask, mobile phone brand really can do their own standard?

In fact, mobile phone manufacturers have already led the industry standard. In 2012, Apple submitted the NANO SIM card standard to ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Association, and won the support of the world’s major mobile network operators, smart card suppliers and mobile device manufacturers in the competition with Nokia for the SIM card standard. In September of the same year, the iPhone 5 was released, and for the first time, a smaller, thinner NANO SIM card was used. Compared with mini SIM card and micro SIM card, nano SIM card is much smaller and has become the standard of iPhone of all generations.

Comparison of four SIM cards

Comparison of four SIM cards

In just a few years, the iPhone has rewritten the global SIM card standard with its huge influence and technological innovation in the mobile phone industry. Operators have to set a precedent for the iPhone by launching a nano SIM card for the iPhone. All Android manufacturers are following up quickly, making nano SIM card popular quickly. As the leading smartphone manufacturer in the industry, Apple has demonstrated the extraordinary vision of the industry leader in the formulation of nano SIM card standard, and promoted the progress of the entire smartphone industry.

shipments in the third quarter of 2018

shipments in the third quarter of 2018

In 2018, Huawei also made history. According to data released by IDC, the market research company, Huawei’s global mobile phone shipments exceeded the iPhone for two consecutive quarters! As a leading company in the mobile phone industry, Huawei is willing to make efforts and innovations for the progress of the whole mobile phone industry, which also reflects the excellent quality of Chinese brands.

In the whole of 2018, Huawei’s flagship mobile phone shows the strong strength and influence of industry leaders! The birth of Huawei P20 series flagship mobile phone redefines the standard of mobile phone photographing for the industry. The launch of Huawei mate 20 series flagship mobile phone brings us the NM memory card standard in the era of comprehensive screen.

The innovative road of HUAWEI NM memory card.

If we say that the highly innovative Leica three camera has made Huawei P20 Pro inadvertently become the best camera phone so far, and become the industry standard. So, Huawei has become more and more mature in the research and development of Huawei Mate 20 series mobile phones and Huawei NM memory cards. When the trend of double-layer card slot design came, Huawei made NN memory card standard to meet the continuous demand of mobile phone users for large storage in the era of comprehensive screen.

nano sim and NM card

Design of upper and lower double card slots

NM memory card is a super Micro memory card pioneered by Huawei in the world, which provides a more convenient data storage mode. The specifications of Huawei NM memory card and NANO SIM card are almost the same. Only one NANO SIM card slot of the dual card mobile phone is needed to realize the expansion of mobile phone storage.

In Huawei Mate 20 series phones, you can add two NANO SIM cards, or a single NANO SIM card + NM memory card to expand the storage space of the phone. NM memory card solves a big pain point of 100% full screen mobile phone design in the future.

More importantly, the speed of NM memory card is fast. The read-write speed of the memory card is directly related to the user’s experience of browsing pictures and videos. Huawei has set a strict standard for the nm memory card at the beginning of its design, which is that the speed is no less than the read-write speed of SD U3 and the minimum write rate is 30MB / s. However, Huawei is not a member of SD Association and has no right to issue a new SD card protocol.

Memory protocol

Memory protocol

Fortunately, the development path of information storage technology is not only SD, but also other open source storage technology standards. Huawei NM memory card is based on JEDEC memory storage protocol to develop. According to the measurement of Huawei lab, the sequential read rate of Huawei NM memory card can reach 90MB / s, and the sequential write rate can reach 70mb / s, which is far higher than SD U3 standard.

read-write speed of HUAWEI NM memory card

The read-write speed of HUAWEI NM memory card

In October 2018, with the release of Huawei mate 20 series mobile phones, Huawei NM memory card officially entered our vision. Huawei NM memory card will be widely used in Huawei and Hornor mobile phones. According to the strong growth trend of Huawei mobile phone leading the whole industry and mobile phone sales volume, there will be hundreds of millions of mobile phones supporting NM memory card in the future. Strong user demand will gradually reduce the production cost of nm memory card, and finally usher in widespread popularization.

The birth of Huawei NN memory card marks the end of MIcro SD memory card’s long history of unchanged appearance, which finally ushered in the strongest rivals after 13 years of dominating mobile expansion card

HUAWEI NM memory card and card reader

HUAWEI NM memory card and card reader


In modern enterprise management, first-class enterprises are widely recognized as standards, second-class enterprises as brands and third-class enterprises as products. The rising Chinese mobile phone brand has a significant impact on the standard setting of the mobile phone industry. Vivo, the first mobile phone manufacturer to launch off screen fingerprint, has enjoyed the huge dividend of this industry change, and the shipment volume has been soaring.

Huawei, which brings China’s high-end mobile phones to the world, has obviously done better. Huawei has not only made the standard of taking photos and NM memory card that benefit the whole mobile phone industry, but also created the first-class mobile phone brand that gallops the Eurasian market, developed the first-class mobile phone products that are well-known all over the world, and really achieved the Trinity and make great progress!

The launch of Huawei’s NM memory card seems low-key, but it represents a huge increase in the global voice of the Chinese mobile phone brand led by Huawei, as well as the determination to set global standards. After the launch of Huawei Mate 20 series mobile phones, Huawei officially joined the SD Association and started to discuss the technical standards of nano SD card as a member of the association. The memory card standard formulated by Chinese enterprises and nm memory card are expected to be widely used in the coming 5G era and the era of artificial intelligence, and become the new standard of future technology products.

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