September 1st 2023

How Samsung develop the SD card in bulk product line?

Now Samsung has gained a strong foothold in the storage industry. The success is replying on developing solid-state hard drives of mainframes and mobile solid-states. Meanwhile it pushes out such mobile storage products as wholesale Bulk USB Drive and SD card in bulk. And thanks to its establishment of fab, the flash memory particles from Samsung become popular in the industry.

samsung's 256gb memory card

However, Samsung’s memory card product line mainly manufacture Micro SD card in bulk and UFS series. It requests adapter when digital camera users want to use it, which is somehow inconvenient. In the next few years, the phenomenon that SD cards are used as the main storage medium for cameras will hardly change. Samsung also made full use of the opportunity to develop the SD card product line. Furthermore they launched another two SD card series, that is PRO Plus and EVO Plus. Today , we will focus on and test the PRO Plus memory card with 256GB capacity.

Pro Plus Memory card Appearance: white in card body, with classic naming

PRO Plus SD cards

Both PRO Plus and PRO Plus SD cards are perfect for photographers and are compatible with cameras. So does video cameras and personal computers. In fact, PRO Plus is for the high-end market, while EVO Plus is for the mid-end one. And users can choose from these according to their own needs for speed. By the way, their nomenclature is in line with that of SSD products.
The ground color of Samsung PRO Plus card is pure white. The font of the PRO Plus version we use here is red, while that of the EVO Plus is orange.

Samsung PRO Plus SD

Samsung PRO Plus SD card is line with standard specification of SD card, whose measurements are 32*24*2.1mm. And the standard write lock switch is on the left.

SD card read a protocol suppor

At the bottom of the SD card read a protocol supported by the memory card: Class 10, U3, the bus speed mode is UHS-I SDR104, and the maximum speed is 104MB/s. The SD card also has speeds marked on its right side: sequential read speed up to 100MB/s and write up to 90MB/s. Such speeds are at the top of the current SD card products.

SD Card protective function

Protective functions for SD card in bulk

The SD card should also be equipping with the necessary protective functions. And the SD card here mainly contains such protection as: waterproof, resistant to both high and low temperatures (operating temperature: -25°C-85°C, non-operating temperature: -40°C~85°C) , anti-X-ray, anti-magnetic, anti-shock, anti-drop, anti-wear, all-round protection of users’ SD card data. In addition, it is said that this SD card can be plugged and pulled out for nearly10,000 times, which means if it is plugged and pulled out twice a day (once for the camera and the other for the computer), it will take 5000 days (that is about 13 years) for this SD card to break. By that time, the camera be updated and need no SD cards.

bulk SD Card 256

According to the calculation, the 256G version we have today can store about 240,000 1080P photos. So does 54,000 4K photos, 1080P@30fps video of about 28 hours, and 4K@30fps video of about 362 minutes. This can already help many users get rid of the hassle of change the card frequently. Of course, if it is for shooting RAW or 4K@60fps, the data will be slightly smaller. In fact, at least you do not need to take a new SD card every day.

There is no doubt that PRO Plus uses Samsung’s original particles, which to a certain extent can ensure stable read and write speeds and data security.

Performance Test: stable enough in continuous read and write

Next, we are going to test the speed. We used 3 commonly used storage product testing software to measure its theoretical read and write speed.

Crystal Disk Mark test

We begin with the Crystal Disk Mark test. For 1G file, the write speed of this SD card is 88.44MB/s and the read speed is 98.12MB/s. Such is in line with the official nominal reading 100MB/s and writing 90MB/s.

ATTO Disk Benchmark full test

Then goes the ATTO Disk Benchmark test, the read and write performance of the two memory cards under different file sizes can be tested according to data packets of different sizes. The result shows that Samsung PRO Plus 256G version has a maximum write speed of 93.92MB/s and 84.58MB/s by read.

HD Tune Pro sd card test

The final test is by the file benchmark test under HD Tune Pro. In this mode, the test is proceeding by actually writing the file and then reading the file. It can well simulate the actual working state and real transmission speed of the SD card. This SD card is said to focus on high performance. So aiming to testing its performance in long-term continuous reading and writing, we take a file of 20G for testing, and the transmission speed has always been at around 86MB/s, which means its overall performance is very stable.

PRO Plus ordinary SD Card

Bulk SD card for camera

An SD card is most commonly used in a camera, but the reading and writing speed of the data generated by the camera when shooting is beyond the capacity of an ordinary SD card. While Samsung PRO Plus is an exception. According to our test, Samsung PRO Plus can complete such tasks very smoothly: continuously shooting Megapixel photos in EOS R 3030 high-speed, or shooting 4K@60P high bit rate video with Fuji XT-4.

PRO Plus SD card into Fuji XT-4

As long as we insert Samsung PRO Plus SD card into Fuji XT-4, we can turn on 4K@60P. It is 100Mbps bit rate video shooting. In addition, the equipment is able to continuously shoot 100 minutes of video. Of course, if you need a longer recording time, you can just reduce the number of frames. This also demonstrates that the read and write performance of this card can fully support those who wish to shoot 4K@60P video.

Summary of Evaluation: a premier one in the SD card field.

PRO Plus sd card is really a good choice

The PRO series of Samsung has always been prominent for its high performance and stability. M.2 NVMe SSD 970 PRO and 980 PRO are the most famous ones. And many knew how powerful these two products are. So when the PRO series has began to develop SD cards, it means that this card is unbeatable. And Samsung PRO Plus SD card is such a product. Actual test shows that: its continuous transmission speed is stable. It can work with the camera to conduct continuous shooting of photos and videos. If you are looking for an SD card with good durability, Samsung PRO Plus is really a good choice.

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