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Industrial USB Flash Drive

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Product description:
Technical detail
Technical Data    
Capacity range 128MB-8GB 512MB-32GB
Standard Industrial Grade Industrial Grade
Max. transfer read: up to 30 MB/s write: up to 25 MB/s read: up to 30 MB/s write: up to 25 MB/s



12 g


USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 Compliant

Controller Hyperstone/Toshiba Hyperstone/Toshiba
Flash Type SLC MLC/3D TLC
Data Retention 10 Years
Operating temp

Extended: -25°C to +60°C Industrial: -45°C to +90°C


>3 million hours

ECC Engine

Built-in 43-bit per 1K bytes BCH ECC



Features Global Wear Leveling, Wide Temperature, S.M.A.R.T. , Data Integrity, Power Failure Management, High IOPS, Support Customization and Life time monitoring
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Custom Sticker Size: 20x25mm (mm)  / 1.50 x 1.25  inches Testing we have for Industrial USB drives All industrial ssd are 100% tested by H2test and reliability test and backed up with 5 years warranty. These Industrial USB drive products are manufactured using the advanced power-off reliability technology and wear-leveling technology, which ensures memory card can work 24 hours per day with no corruption. MRT also proceeds power cycling solution, it is perfect for write intensive applications, our aging testing can guarantee the stability for that. All in all, our testing purpose is to optimize the storage with long life circle and superior data retention.
Reliability test result:
Industrial USB drives Datasheet
product detail

Industrial USB Flash drive from MRT is one type of portable storage meeting the needs of industrial applications. USB drive in this grade can be used as USB Dom and WORM. The special part of this model is offering stable flash and controllers. In other words, MRT can lock the specific chips for all clients. Furthermore, it has strong performance to work in extreme environment. For instance, industrial USB sticks are all in robustness, they can withstand harsh humidity, temperature, and shock.

As these storages are using endurable flash and high-quality components, thus, the life cycle is much longer. Also, the read and write speed is very stable, there will be low power consumption.

The industrial USB Flash drive with MRT (USB 2.0 DOM and USB 3.0)
This industrial USB drive has SLC, MLC and 3D TLC type. The reason for developing this kind drive is to settle in mission-critical environments. For example, using storage in military, medical or aviation, it is impossible to guarantee a stable temperature or humidity in such situation. We can say these storage sticks are pro plus version of standard ones, which are industry-leading level.

Also, MRT has USB 2.0 and USB 3.2 Gen for these drives to meet different speed requirements. The density range is wide, industrial USB Flash drive in SLC is starting from 128MB to 8GB. MLC model can be up to 256GB; therefore, the selection is abundant. What’s more, it is an ideal solution for any applications that require high quality and reliability. To connect industrial USB sticks, it can operate with no faults as if the device supports USB Mass Storage Class Specification.

The feature of Industrial USB Flash drive

The first launch of USB flash drive was in 1999, people have been used it for decades. Since this storage stick is popular in consumer market, it is very common for the daily life. Sometimes, users will ignore how valuable if we use it in industrial areas. You will get benefits of data portability with the security if you apply it in an industrial setting.

The key feature of USB drive in industrial grade is the flash design, which is unique style for industrial applications. SLC flash memory is a typical chip for industrial USB, it stores one bit of data per cell. This greatly reduces the risk of data loss during programming. Furthermore, it is helpful for operating in harsh environment. No matter strong shock or vibration, industrial USB flash drive has no affects from it. Although SLC USB drive has so many advantages, it has some limits on the capacity. To use larger density, it is better to use MLC and TLC instead.

Besides it, this USB drive adopts Global wear leveling. This technology can manage the reads and writes across bocks, which will optimize the overall life expectancy.

How does Industrial USB Flash drive differ from Normal drive?

There are similar on the shape or size between them. However, the performance is a world of difference.

      • Wide Temperature: Industrial USB drives can properly operate in -45°C to +80°C. It is an important characteristic for applications working in harsh environment where the temperature is fluctuating sharply. Regular USB drive has a narrow range for temperature, the best working condition is 0°C to +60°C. Therefore, no regular model can support smooth operation in extreme temperature.
      • Durability and Endurance: As the production process for industrial grade is reaching a hypercritical level, no failure pieces are acceptable. Thus, it can stand strong vibration and shock. Whereas standard memory sticks will not endure the same.
      • Longevity: Industrial USB sticks are designed for longer lifetime in harsh environment. Firstly, the component for industrial level is more durable. For instance, they adopt SLC flash and brand controller. Comparing with regular USB drives, industrial one can stand 10,000 times of full writing and reading. However, normal USB sticks just offers 3000 times. Thanks to the durable components of industrial model, its ability of continuous read and write cycles can be powerful.
      • Fixed Controllers: Industrial USB drives accept fixed BOM and specialized controllers, as industrial applications always have high requests. However, standard USB drives are using comparatively less expensive components, the controller and flash will change following the stock.


To know where we can use industrial USB flash drives, let’s check below list.

      • Gaming
      • Telecom equipment
      • Aviation
      • Surveillance system
      • IoT system
      • Factory Automation
      • Medical Equipment
      • Automotive system

Where to Purchase?

Obviously, storage in industrial grade is not regular product. You barely can find them in consumer market, also most industrial types have customized requests. Therefore, only brand companies and manufacturers can supply. As if it requests dust free plants and a complete testing equipment. We recommend you can go with MRT memory, as it is a 20-year factory supplying memory products million pieces per year.


MRT Industrial USB drives are designed for meeting the unique needs of industrial applications. With SIP technology, it allows this drive to work in extreme temperature. Although this is industrial model, it is compliant with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0. In addition, it supplies data integrity for applications.

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