Industrial SSD (solid state drive)

Industrial SSD (solid state drive)

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  • Durable in extreme temperature
  • Standard Temperature: -25C to 85C
  • Wider Temperature: -45C to 90C
  • Single Level Cell (SLC)
  • Wide capacity range: From 128GB to 2TB
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Product description:
Technical detail
Technical Data    
Capacity range 64GB-256GB 128GB-4TB
Standard Industrial Grade Industrial Grade
Max. transfer read: up to 450 MB/s write: up to 400 MB/s read: up to 5000 MB/s write: up to 4500 MB/s

SATA, PCle 3.0, mSATA, M.2, IDE


0.33 g

Controller SMI/YS/RTL SMI/YS
Flash Type SLC MLC/3D TLC
Data Retention 10 Years
Operating temp

Extended: -25°C to +60°C Industrial: -45°C to +80°C


>3 million hours


3.3V ± 5 % /5V± 10 %



Application Healthcare device, server, IoT Applications, Demanding Edge, Military Gaming, Transportation, Networking, Action Cameras,
Features Firmware Power Loss Protection, Wide Temperature, Data Security and Encryption, Data Integrity, Delicate Wear Leveling and Life time monitoring
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Custom Sticker Size: 20x25mm (mm)  / 1.50 x 1.25  inches Testing we have for Industrial SSD (solid state drive) All industrial ssd are 100% tested by H2test and reliability test and backed up with 5 years warranty. These industrial ssd products are manufactured using the advanced power-off reliability technology and wear-leveling technology, which ensures memory card can work 24 hours per day with no corruption. MRT also proceeds power cycling solution, it is perfect for write intensive applications, our aging testing can guarantee the stability for that. All in all, our testing purpose is to optimize the storage with long life circle and superior data retention.
Reliability test result:
industrial ssd Datasheet
product detail
MRT industrial SSD has many types such as M.2, mSATA, and 2.5 inches. This industrial option provides a wide range in flash options, capacities, and speeds. Also, there are different interfaces for SSDs including SATA, PATA, and PCle, which can be compatible with numerous devices. Furthermore, Industrial SSDs offers the model in varies size. mSATA is the slimmest one using SLC, and 3D flash, its capacity is available from 4GB to 1TB. A bigger type is 2.5″ one, it can replace HDD in SATA interface. Industrial version of this type is mostly using for data center.
M.2 and NVME SSD are the group of high-speed. The max speed of industrial SSD in this type can be 5000MB/s, also, the physical shape is very delicate. No matter extreme temperature range or harsh environment, industrial grade SSD can manage and operate properly.

How are the features of Industrial SSDs?

Industrial SSD is an embedded storage using for PC, data center, automotive system, and industrial application. Using these SSDs in harsh conditions is a wise decision, as only robust solutions work in longevity. In fact, the inside chip defines the performance. Without advanced NAND flash technology, no SSDs can meet industrial-grade level. Firstly, there is power fail protection in solid state drive, which can protect data from sudden power loss. This function requests an intelligent hardware to ensure data storage.
One stunning feature of it is wide temperature support. The temperature range is designed for outdoor and extreme environment, the SSD storage can operate perfectly in desert or Antarctic area. As embedded memory of SSD has passed varies testing and gets approval for stable operation in harsh temperature. Besides it, industrial SSD adopts high quality 3D NAND, it equips with enterprise controller. Therefore, the performance is superior on reading and writing.
Moreover, high capacity of SSD adopts TLC in 3D NAND technology, it can meet super speed of 550MB/S by read. The chip model can be fixed as a locked BOM to support a stable supply. Besides it, there is a flash management, which provides static and dynamic wear leveling. All in all, industrial SSD can meet enterprise grade and institution requests.

Industrial SSD in SATA and PATA interface

The launch of Solid-state drives has brought a revolution for storage, which has lower cost and higher performance. To meet various types of interfaces of equipment, industrial SSDs also develop different models. Industrial 2.5″ SSD is a classic one, it is also available with two interfaces SATA and PATA. SATA III interface supports full backwards compatibility, also, numerous military applications work with it. No matter the device supports 3Gb/s or 1.5Gb/s, 2.5 SATA 3 SSD can be operated smoothly.
Frankly speaking, 2.5 SATA SSD is the earliest and most stable type. It can replace old HDDs as if they are in SATA interface. Enterprise or industrial devices are seldom to do frequent updates on hardware to keep stability. Therefore, most of them still focus on SATA connection. AS SATA interface has been went through lots of tests, this connecting way is rigorous. Furthermore, it delivers power efficiency to over hardware and firmware. The max capacity can be up to 2TB.
PATA SSD has another name of IDE SSD, which is the first type of SSD. Although it is old version, it can be compatible with versatile equipment.

Industrial SSD in M.2 and mSATA interface

These two interfaces are latest models. The max capacity can be up to 7.6TB, also the speed is extreme fast. mSATA is easy to understand by the name, it is a mini type of SATA. This is an ideal product for limited space, as leading equipment is expecting to adopt smaller storage for saving rooms. Although the size is mini type, the performance never gets compromise by it. Industrial mSATA SSD delivers 6.0Gb/s and leading-edge reliability, also these SSD modules are completely standing a maximum shock rating of 1500G. Therefore, portable devices such as industrial PCs and POS devices prefer using mSATA due to the high performance and industrial grade chip.
Industrial M.2 solid state modules are offering two types 2242 and 2280, which are also designed for smally systems in constricted volume. No matter the configuration is single or double side, M.2 SSD can withstand harsh temperature and supports wide densities. Not only can M.2 module offer outstanding performance but also it can offer SMART data retrieval. The data retention can extend as long as 10 years, also it equips with world class PCN and life cycle management.
Thus, we can make a good selection referring to the performance and size. In this way, industrial SSD can meet varies requests from different devices.

Applications of industrial SSD

a.   Healthcare  b. Data Center  c. AI Calculation Institution
d.   IoT System  e.  POS Machine  f. Aerospace
g.   Telecommunication  h. Gaming  i. Transportation
j.   Industrial PC k.  Automotive  l. Medical
m.  Cloud Computing n.  Military o. Server

Where to buy?

Any industrial-grade products are going through millions of tests. No extreme testing on them, there will be no guarantee of high performance. Obviously, purchasing industrial SSD must rely on brand suppliers or professional manufacturers. For instance, enterprise SSD from MRT can work in wide temperature, which requests a unique combination of high-quality components. To produce one SSD matching wide temperature, only manufacturer like MRT or brand suppliers can provide optimized production line. Therefore, searching for right source will win an unmatched product.


Viewing all the unbeatable features from SSD will light up the demands sharply. No matter the low consumption, data security or Data integrity are all amazing features. Therefore, it is hard to reject SSDs with high performance, as if the equipment can operate perfectly.

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