Industrial Micro SD card

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  • SLC/MLC NAND Flash
  • Standard Temperature: -25C to 85C
  • Wider Temperature: -45C to 90C
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Product description:
Technical detail
Technical Data
Capacity range 512MB – 8GB 16GB-512GB
Standard Industrial Grade Industrial Grade
Max. transfer Read: up to 8-10 MB/s Write: from 2-5 MB/s
Dimensions 15 x 11 x 1 mm
Weight 0.33 g
Flash Type SLC MLC/TLC
Endurance (P/E Cycles) 100K 20K for MLC 3K for TLC
Operating temp

Extended: -25°C to +60°C Industrial: -45°C to +60°C


>3 million hours


2.7 -3.6V



Application Healthcare device, server, IoT system, Defense equipment . Gaming, Transportation, Networking, Action Cameras.
Dimension for Micro SD: 15*11*1 (mm)  / 0.04 x 0.59 x 0.43 inches Testing we have for Micro SD 8GB class 10 All memory cards are 100% tested by H2test and reliability test and backed up with 5 years warranty. These memory products are manufactured using the advanced power-off reliability technology and wear-leveling technology, which ensures memory card can work 24 hours per day with no corruption. MRT also proceeds power cycling solution, it is perfect for write intensive applications, our aging testing can guarantee the stability for that. All in all, our testing purpose is to optimize the storage with long life circle and superior data retention.
Reliability test result:
Micro SD 8GB Class10 Datasheet
product detail
Industrial Micro SD card from MRT can stand harsh environment and low power consumption. As industrial-grade memory cards represent High quality, endurance, and longevity, MRT is strongly concerning these cores. Micro SD in this version is still in the smallest form, whereas the unique part is the NAND flash type. Usually, industrial microSD card in small capacity uses SLC NAND. The lifespan of it is almost 30 – 50 times longer than consumer memory cards. Therefore, the cost of industrial version requests high budget. Equipment, such as medical device and sport cameras, uses industrial microSD cards for embedded applications.

The Characteristics of industrial Micro SD card

The most dramatic part of industrial-grade cards is operation temperature. Standard bulk memory cards are working in a range of 0C to 70C. However, industrial ones can work in -45C to 85C. No matter it is in desert or Antarctica area, these rugged cards can work perfectly. Rigorous testing process and industry-leading flash brings a helmet to this tiny card. Therefore, it can be operating normally in extreme conditions.
Not only can industrial memory card work in terrible environment but also they can deliver good performance. Firstly, these special microSD cards adopt first-class chip to manufacture. Furthermore, the flash type is SLC and MLC; the performance of them is super-fast. For example, one bulk Micro SDHC 32GB in industrial grade can hit 100MB/s as the transfer speed. If it is low capacity at 128MB or 256MB, the read speed still can be as fast as 50MB/s.

What impresses the users most?

It is the amazing life cycles. Due to the industrial feature, microSD cards have built-in ECC engine, wear levelling and health monitoring tool. Thus, these are greatly helpful for managing the lifespan of the storage cards. Some types of industrial cards can afford 100K times of erasing and writing.

Who uses industrial Micro SD card?

Reviewing the characteristics of Micro SD cards in industrial grade is a guide for knowing the users. Who will use the equipment in sub-zero conditions? At first, photographers and scientists are the one who will trace animals in Antarctica area. Some of them need industrial storage to do video record or leave stealthy cameras in outdoors. Also, the bureau of transportation manages traffic records, who will need endurable cards.
Besides it, the company manufacturing industrial automation requests cards in this type. At the same time, the low failure rate and high stability of the card brings convenience to them. As they expect 24 hours working condition, the data center should do full backup.

Where can we buy industrial Micro SD card?

To order MicroSD cards in high performance, good reliability, and wide temperature, the best way is working with professional factory. Moreover, this microSD card is capable of high P/E cycles and stable transfer speed. It is hard to get genuine industrial source if the supplier has no complete testing process as well as production capability. Also, SLC flash is very rare in the market. Therefore, small venders are difficult to purchase high value flash in large quantity.
Especially like manufacturer MRT, we have a technician team of 69 people working on environmental testing. Meanwhile MRT industrial MicroSD card is compliant with SD 5.0 and SD 6.0 standard. Meeting the compatibility requirements from medical device, surveillance systems, and aerospace equipment is the key. All in all, industrial products are designed to work in extreme conditions, only reliable factory has the ability to create them.


Industrial-grade MicroSD cards are undoubtedly wearing a durable quality against any harsh situations. With an amazing reliability, one MicroSD card can work as long as 10 years. Although industry stands for rigorousness, it can support with numerous equipment.

Order information:

512MB 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB
16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB

Quality standard

    • SLC/MLC NAND Flash
    • Standard Temperature: -25C to 85C
    • Wider Temperature: -45C to 90C
    • High IOPS solution with 3D NAND Flash
    • Wide capacity range: From 128MB to 1TB
    • Up to 1920 TBW and Stand 30K P/E cycles
    • 10-year Warranty
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