January 15th 2023

Use brand driving recorder and micro sd card, make sure they match with each other to solve this problem.

The recorder I bought for more than a year went on strike a few days ago. It will restart soon after it is turned on.

At first, I thought the driving recorder was broken, so I asked the customer service. The customer service told me to test again after taking out the micro sd card. After I take out the micro sd card, weird thing happened, the “reset” disappeared magically (the recorder was still working, but no video is saved);

Now I have found the problem: There is a problem with the micro sd card,

In my next step, I format the micro sd card, test the micro sd card with a computer, etc., after all the work I have done, nothing has changed;

So, I need to change the micro sd card;

After I checked on the Internet, I found that many people have encountered the same problem like me. Today, I specially sorted out the problem of “burned micro sd card”, and hoped that people who encounter problems like “reset” “frozen” “losing videos” can check whether their micro sd card is working properly first;

Why does the driving recorder “burn out” micro sd card?

Driving recorder

1. The driving recorder is not compatible with the micro sd card

High-resolution driving recorders are not cannot match with low-speed micro sd cards.

For example, a 4K recorder produces large amount of video data per second. If you still use a Class 10 memory card, its writing speed cannot keep up with the data producing speed, resulting the memory cards continuously working under high work load, which will greatly reduce the life of memory card, and it is easy to lose video data;

2. micro sd card has a reading and writing service life

Micro sd cards are consumable goods. They have limited reading and writing times. Their reading speed, writing speed and stability decrease when used for longer time;

3. The quality of the driving recorder is not good enough

In China, there are many recorders produced by small factories, their cost may be less than a hundred yuan. Many of them were given as gifts or from 4S shops. Because of the terrible circuit design or the low quality chip it uses, the recorder has unstable working condition, which can easy burn out memory card;

4. The working environment of the recorder will affect the service life of the recorder and the memory card

In summer, the outdoor temperature can reach 40°, and the temperature inside the car can reach 60° if the air conditioner is not turned on. The temperature of the driving recorder can easily exceed 70°, if the air conditioner is not turned on. It will not be able to function, when working under this condition for a long time.

It is recommended but a rear-view mirror bracket, to fix the recorder under the rear-view mirror. It would be much better;

microSD Driving recorder bracket

Driving recorder bracket

What aspects should we pay attention to when buying a micro sd card?

1. Use Class 10 and above level high-speed brand memory micro sd card

The driving recorder needs to write quickly during work. If the writing speed of the memory card is not fast enough, it will cause the device heat up seriously, and may cause damage to the memory card or loss of video data if it is serious enough (many driving recorders have frame loss problem);

2. Purchase driving recorder with brand

The brand driving recorder have guarantee in both quality and after-sales service. The hidden driving recorder that the 4S shop gave to me as a gift is really a crap. It looks very beautiful, but its actual quality is quite bad. It can never connect with and the prompt always tells me to check Wi-Fi set up.

One day I suddenly want to watch the videos stored in the micro sd card, which made me completely desperate. Some of the video data was lost and the video was stuck (that means, only the first 10 seconds of the 30-second video can move, and the rest are all still pictures). This recorder can only be used to bluff people, and has no practical use, so I immediately replaced it with a new one;

(The gifts from 4S shop are really speechless. I recommend you to pass all the gift, it is better deal to ask for a discount when purchasing cars.)

A gift recorder from 4S shop

A gift recorder from 4S shop

3. If the micro sd card does not function well, you can try to resst the driving recorder to factory settings, and also format the micro sd card as well. In some cases, the micro sd card did not burned out, it just can’t function properly because it is been read and written for a long time, there are too many fragmented files in it;

4. Do not plug or unplug the micro sd card when the driving recorder is powered on .

Driving recorder starts to work right after the power is turned on. At this time, videos are continuously written in to the micro sd card. If you suddenly remove the micro sd card, the real-time recorded data in the micro sd card might be lost, and the micro sd card may be seriously burned;

5. It is recommended to buy a driving recorder with built-in eMMC high-speed memory card, which is much better in compatibility, stability and service life compared to traditional micro sd cards;

6. Purchase a brand memory card that matches the driving recorder

While paying attention to the memory capacity, we must also take a look at the reading and writing speed of the memory card.

Recorders with different resolutions have different writing speed. You must choose a card that matches the writing speed of your own recorder, when purchasing micro sd card.

And brand memory cards are guaranteed for more than 10 years. Their price is not too expensive;


The reading speed here refers to the speed at which we can read the data in the micro sd card on the computer side, and it is not commonly used.

The main parameter to improve storage performance is still the writing speed, because the working state of the recorder is to keep writing data.

If the resolution of the recorder is above 2K, select the micro sd card with U3 speed grade;

We will continue to share our experience of using storage products, you are welcomed to communicate in the comment area,

Thank you all for your likes and attention!

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