January 15th 2023

What are USB3.1、USB Type-C、USB PD really comprehend their functions and uses?

USB3.1、USB Type-C、USB PD are today’s hottest words which are relative to USB interface. We more or less consciously or unintentionally come into contact with some information related to it, but most people only know that there is such a thing rather than its functions and uses. So what are USB3.1、USB Type-C、USB PD. You may get everything what you want to know after carefully reading this passage.

What is USB3.1? What is USB3.1?
USB3.1 actually is a transmission standard, which is the same as USB2.0 and USB3.0. Transmission speeds vary from different transmission standards. At present, the transmission speed of USB3.1 is faster than USB3.0 and USB2.0.
The fattest transmission of USB2.0 is 480Mbit/s, USB3.0 is 5Gbit/s and USB3.1 is 10Gbit/s. The transmission speed of USB3.0 is the ten times of USB2.0 and twice of USB3.0.
There are true and fake USB3.1. The fake USB3.1 is called USB3.1 Gen1 with 5Gbit/s fastest transmission speed, which just has different IDs compared with USB3.0. The true USB3.1 is called USB3.1Gen2, whose transmission speed can achieve to 10Gbit/s.

According to different transmission speeds, USB2.0 is also called USB High-Speed, whose abbreviation is HS. USB3.0 is called USB Super-Speed, whose abbreviation is SS. USB3.1 is USB Super-Speed Plus, whose abbreviation is SS+.

What is USB Type-C? What is USB Type-C?
USB Type-C just is an interface form of USB, which can be divided into USB Type-A、USB Type-B and USB Type-C. USB Type-A and USB Type-B have two different interface forms, which are respectively USB Mini-A(B) and USB Micro-A(B).

What is USB PD?

what is USB PD?
USB PD is actually a charging standard of USB, which is the fast charging standard of USB. There is no uniform standard of fast charming technology in Android. Many manufactures have already researched and developed their owned fast charming technology, such as Quick-Charge, VOOC flash charging, Super Charge, Dash Charge and Turbine Fast Charge. We need to use the special wire provided by the corresponding manufacturers in order to achieve fast charging, which is really inconvenience for consumers.

You should have already comprehended USB3.1、USB Type-C and USB PD after reading this passage. USB3.1 is a transmission standard. USB Type-C is just an interface form, while USB PD is a standard of fast charging.

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