January 15th 2023

Both the front and back side of can be inserted. This full-functional Kingston Type-C USB flash drive becomes popular.

Although the mobile Internet has developed rapidly, people seldom use the Custom USB flash drive. However, sometimes a few data copies and backup storage are indispensable. Especially, a mini-size and large-capacity USB flash drive plays an emergency role in the bad net condition or the situation when you need to transfer data and back up.

128G Kingston Type-C double-port USB flash drive belongs to this type. First of all, it supports USB 3.1 interface and is compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. It looks so tiny that its appearance as big as the metal head of USB. The key function of it belongs to its double interfaces and cross-platform capability. Besides, it not only supports standard USB devices but also supports Android phones with Type-C and Apple MacBook laptop. In a word, you can use the device without awkward.

USB supports Android Type-C and Apple MacBook laptop

This type Kingston USB flash drive is called MicroDuo 3C flash memory USB flash drive with 128GB capacity. You have to marvel at today’s integrated circuit technology. Although its appearance is so tiny that it can be compatible with such an large-capacity flash memory. You can see its high integrated circuit design which tests the design capability of manufacturers.

MicroDuo 3C flash memory USB flash drive 128GB

What I am concerned about is that it is easy to lose such a tiny USB flash drive. Thanks to its hook at the top of USB flash drive and a free string, you can tie it on your key chain so that it is not difficult to carry the USB flash drive.

tiny USB flash drive

Among them, the standard USB-A interface is made of high-density metal material. I try to press on it to see its change which can provide strong protection. And, the USB-C interface on the other side is smaller with weak bending resistance so that dust-proof cover is designed to protect. When you need to use USB-C interface, you should just pull the transparent cover slightly out to lift the 90 degree angle, which is convenient to use.

 USB-C interface

Have you ever undergone this experience? Before, I have used such tiny USB flash drive whose shell is metal. It is difficult to pull out the USB flash drive when inserting the tight USB interface. If you has hand sweat, you may be more awkward.

wholesale USB flash drive

From my perspective, the plastic cover of the USB design has another function that can be a handle to pull out when inserting and extracting in the tight USB interface.  

At present, a majority of flagship Android Phones widely use Type-C interface. As for the phones supporting OTG functions, it is convenient to use Kingston to back up data, transmit and so on.

Android Phones USB Drive

The system can distinguish USB flash drive and capacity.

The speed of this USB flash drive can reach 109MB per second when it is copying an large-capacity profile in the windows computer. It is safe to say that it has almost reached high-speed model of USB3.0.

USB 3.0 flash drive

After running test of ATTO Disk Benchmark, the reading and writing speed respectively remain 105MB per second and 40MB per second, which lies in normal levels.

Generally speaking, the advantages of this MicroDuo 3C flash memory USB flash drive include tiny size and wide usage. MicroDuo 3C flash memory USB flash drive with large capacity not only can be used in win computer, apple laptops and phones, but also can be tied in car key and key chain, which is a cost-effective device.

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