January 15th 2023

Multi Charger Cable,WMZ 3 in 1 USB Mutiple Charging Cord 3.3FT with Lightning,Type C,Micro Connectors for Android and iPhone Port for iPhone 8,8 Plus,73

The charging cable is the main power supply for our smartphones, tablets and the other gadgets. Besides it, we also use it to transfer data between the devices and computer. Therefore, it is very important for our daily life, also we need to prepare varies cables for different equipment such as Micro USB V8 and type-c for android device, 8pin for Apple ones, and female and male USB for extending the charging distance. Today we will primarily talk about the cable with Micro USB connector, as this type cable is widely adopted by the devices in the market.

Multi Charger Cable,WMZ 3 in 1 USB

What kind gadgets used with Micro USB Cable?
As there is no patent cost for this kind cable, then many digital products are using it. It is very commonly found that 90% power banks are using this cable; also most android phones work with this model. Although now it is widely promoting type-c port for fast charging, most manufacturers still use micro USB for the main connector due to the lower cost.

How does Micro USB connector look?
Micro USB Cable is the formal name we usually called, however, there is another name for it in the market – V8 Cable. Let’s check the image for cable connector as follow. Then the user will have a vivid idea of the looking, it is the most common cable we often use.

What’s the process for making bulk Micro USB Cable?
Bulk Micro USB Cable is the consumable product, and then demands for it are very high. The production ability of Micro USB cable by one factory in medium scale can reach 50 millions per year, this is huge quantity. In this way, the process of making these cables should be effective and fast, the main operation must be done by machine. This is exactly correct; otherwise the production ability cannot be such strong.

To make one functional charging and sync cable, the copper cord is the key material. So the first step is to pull out copper cord by machine, factory will purchase copper cord in tons, and then the cord will be pulled into different size and thickness. Secondly it is going to do injection molding for the cords, this step is for making outside covers of cords. Thirdly it plans to produce the shapes of cables, in order to boost the sales, the cable has square, round and flat shape. Finally it is the welding step for micro USB connector. These are the full steps for producing one cable; it may make you confused or unclear about the production process. As words description are not as lively as images or videos, therefore we take one video from our manufacturer, it will help you get specific ideas of how it produce.

Video for making Charging and Sync Micro USB Cable
Any interests to know how to make Micro USB Cables? With the machine hand, the V8 cables can be finished in minutes. All the charging and sync cables can be produced perfectly.

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