January 15th 2023

The best SD card in 2020:picked up 10 best SD card that are cost effective and with best performance

Although MicroSD cards is becoming more and more popular in small cameras and drones, its big brother SD card is still an important component of SLR and mirrorless cameras. SD cards are affordable and small, and add extra advantages to your storage space.

So, how can we choose a suitable SD card? What specifications should I focus on to ensure that they best meet my needs? Here are some notes:

What should we pay attention to when buying an SD cards

When looking at the list of products, there are some indicators that we need to pay attention to, the two most important aspect are capacity and price. But there are other details, such as the Class and UHS in SD card, both of which affect speed and compatibility.

SDHC and SDXC cards

The two main types of SD cards are SDHC and SDXC. SDHC stands for large-capacity SD card, and SDXC stands for extended-capacity SD card. The only difference between the two is the capacity of data they support. SDHC cards range from 2 to 32GB, while SDXC cards range from 32 to 2048GB.

C10, U3, V30
Class and UHS

When talking about the speed of SD cards, you will encounter several key terms: Speed Class, UHS (Ultra High Speed) Speed Class, Video Speed Class, and Rated Speed. Although they are all relevant in some scenarios, they have their own standards, some have higher priority, and multiple terms can even be seen on the same SD card.

Speed grades are indicated by C and have a number in the symbol. According to the latest standards, these categories are based on the following minimum speed.




2 MB/s


4 MB/s


6 MB/s


8 MB/s


10 MB/s

In 2009, the SD Association introduced a new category called UHS Speed Class, which replaced the standard category mentioned above:

UHS Speed Class

Minimum speed





Since then, the SD Association has also launched another category: Video Speed Class, also known as Class V. Designed specifically for high-resolution video. It focus on 360 recording, HDR capture, virtual reality content, and higher and higher resolutions in high-end cameras:

V Class

Minimum speed


6 MB/s


10 MB/s


30 MB/s


60 MB/s


90 MB/s

Now, although the above categories have been standardized by the SD Association, various manufacturers still print their rated speeds on SD cards. These rated speeds are almost always quantified in MB/s and are usually the theoretical maximum transfer speeds of SD cards. But to get that fast, your device must provide support.

how to choose micro sd and sd cards
How to choose SD card

When choosing an SD card, your goal should be get the maximum performance at an affordable price range. However, it should be noted that purchasing SD cards that exceed the device’s own transfer speed is not good for you (although they can transfer images to the computer faster). Brands are also important. Although brands like SanDisk, Lexar, Samsung, Kingston, Toshiba, PNY, or Sony do not guarantee a longer life, these brands are often more trusted by professionals.
Another approach is not to put all your eggs in one basket. Although it might be nice to put a vacation photo on a 128GB SD card, but if some accident happens, this SD card may lose all its data. A better option is to buy four 32GB SD cards and swap them out when they are full. Although it is not easy to operate, but only 1/4 of the data is lost in the worst case, not all of them.

We have collected some of the best models, most of them have different capacities, but for simplicity, we only release 32GB / 64GB versions.

1. SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB

For this price, the 32GB SanDisk Extreme Pro seems a little incredible. It has a reading speed of up to 95MB/s and a writing speed of up to 90MB/s. At this speed, taking continuous RAW photos or 4K videos should not be a problem.

In addition to fast reading and writing speeds, it is also shock resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, and X-ray resistance. Another advantage is its limited lifetime warranty.

2. Lexar Professional 1000x 32GB

If you need reading and writing speeds faster than SanDisk Extreme Pro, the 32GB Professional 1000x made by Lexar can meet with your desire.
This SDHC card has reading and writing speeds up to 150MB/s and 75MB/s, respectively, and has a variety of capacities, ranging from 16GB to 256GB, so you can easily find enough storage space to meet your needs. Like SanDisk, Lexar offers a limited lifetime warranty as an additional guarantee.

3. PNY Elite Performance 32GB

PNY’s brand awareness may not be comparable to SanDisk and Lexar, but it has proven itself to be a valuable competitor.
The transmission speed of the PNY Elite Performance series is as high as 90MB/s, but PNY does not say how fast the separate reading and writing speed is. This SD card includes a limited lifetime warranty, as well as shock resistance, heat resistance and waterproof technology. The company claims that it can continue to operate after being immersed in salt water of a meter deep.

4. SanDisk Ultra 32GB

If speed is not your priority, but you want to buy multiple memory cards to spread the risk of data loss caused by hardware damage, then SanDisk Ultra SD card is the best choice.
Its writing speed is up to 80MB/s, which is fast enough for most 1080P videos. In addition, this SDHC card also has a variety of capacities to choose from, and the price is cheap, comparable to some less reliable brands.

5. SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB MicroSDXC

If you want something more powerful and are willing to pay an extra premium for this, then you should check out SanDisk Extreme PLUS 32GB microSDXC.
It is designed and tested for harsh conditions and has excellent heat, water, and freeze resistance, so you can enjoy shooting on the top of the mountain or the bottom of the lake. In addition, it has fast reading and writing speeds of 95MB/s and 90MB/s respectively.
Level 3 logo means taht it can easily handle 4K UHD video recording, and you can even get RescuePRO Deluxe data recovery software to recover accidentally deleted files.

6. Polaroid 64GB

This plug-and-play high-performance SD card balances speed and value. It is ideal for all types of photographers, and can provide a comprehensive storage solution.
UHS-1 / U3 compatibility means it can handle 4K photos and videos, as well as all other traditional file types. A reading speed of 95MB/s and a writing speed of 90MB/s are sufficient to transfer large numbers of files quickly. In addition, it also supports burst mode for continuous shooting, and is shockproof and waterproof, so you can carry it in an outdoor adventure.

7. Silicon Power 64GB MicroSDXC

Few products can achieve the best balance between price and performance, this Elite series memory card is one of them. Its reading and writing speed is up to 85MB/s, which can provide excellent storage and access efficiency. UHS-1 Class 10 specifications allows it transfer files quickly and support Full HD video recording. If you need durability, this SD card can also meet the requirements: it is waterproof and shockproof, it is not affected by airport X-ray machines, and can withstand temperatures from -40 ° to 85 °. You can buy models of various capacities according to your actual needs, and all have lifetime warranty.

8. Samsung Evo Select 64GB

Samsung’s Evo series offers amazing cost efficency. These optimized SD cards can be used for a large number of UHD video files while maintaining a low price.
The 64GB model has a reading speed of up to 100MB/s and a writing speed of 60MB/s. This speed can transfer 3GB video in 38 seconds. All capacities can hold up to 8 hours and 30 minutes of full HD video, 14,000 photos, or 5,500 songs.
This card has been tested on dozens of different devices, from tablets, cameras, to mobile phones. Samsung claims that it can be used normally in seawater, extreme temperatures, airport X-ray machines, and magnetic fields equivalent to MRI imagers, so you can basically take it anywhere.

9. Transcend 64GB Class 10

Compared to Toshiba’s Exceria Pro and Lexar Professional, the Transcend Class 10 series of SDHC and SDXC cards offer some high-performance specifications at a lower price. The 32GB SDHC and 64GB SDXC have maximum reading and writing speed of 285MB/s and 180MB/s, respectively, and both include built-in ECC checking to help correct writing and transfer errors.
This is ideal for professional photographers and video producers who like to shoot in RAW or Ultra HD 4K video mode. Although a bit pricey, it may be more affordable than Toshiba’s Exceria Pro series. In addition, you can also download RecoveRx data recovery software for free.

10. Lexar Professional 2000x 64GB

Now we have entered the era of high-capacity, high-performance SD cards, serving professional photographers and video producers.
Lexar Professional 2000x SDHC and SDXC cards are relatively affordable, but they are probably the best SD cards on the market. Each model offers reading/transfer speed of up to 300MB/s. Although the writing speed is slower than this, it can still reach 275MB/s depending on the specific conditions.

Whether you’re shooting with a DSLR, HD camcorder, or a 3D camera, Lexar Professional will always satisfy you.

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