January 15th 2023

Semi-finished products Industrial USB thumb drive

USB flash drive

The full name of USB flash drive is “USB flash disk”. It is a micro high-capacity mobile storage product with a USB interface that does not require a physical drive. It can be connected to a computer through USB interface and achieve instant plug and play.

Composition of USB flash drive

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To put it simple, the USB flash drive you see is composed of FALSH (flash memory) + main control + circuit board + peripheral electronic components + shell. The key part of it is the flash memory. The quality of the flash memory directly affects the actual capacity and quality of the USB flash drive. The flash memories of some fakes and very cheap products you see on the market may not have good quality. In order to protect your legal rights, you can consult the staffs from Silicom to obtain free technical support services from Silicom.

Consequences of bad flash memory

What are the problems caused by bad flash memory?

1. Lost data and pictures;

2. Unable to read and write files normally;

3. Incomplete copies, the data is not successfully copied or only a part of it is copied;

4. Computer unable to recognize the USB flash drive;

5. The stored data is unstable, it sometimes shows up and sometimes not;

6. The capacity of the USB flash drive you see through the computer does not match with the actual capacity of the flash memory.

All the above problems can be pointed out with the silicom USB flash drive authenticity test software. In order to protect your consumer rights, please purchase carefully.

Case Interpretation

Cindy is the business manager of a company, responsible for engineering documentary business. He usually need USB flash drive to store related data and PPT presentations when communicate with customers. One day, he participated in a large-scale bid project in Germany. When he walked on the stage with full confidence to give a presentation, he unexpectedly found that the presentation stored in USB flash drive cannot be opened. It turned out that the flash memory was unstable, causing data and pictures are lost, and files cannot be read and write properly. That is why the above situation happened and Cindy lost his three million orders just like that.

Would you like this to happen?

So, before you purchase a USB flash drive, in addition to the price, please also pay attention to see whether its quality is reliable or not. If you are not sure, please test it with silicom USB flash drive authenticity test software.

USB flash drive semi-finished products

The semi-finished product of USB flash drive is composed of FALSH (flash memory) + main control + circuit board + peripheral electronic components. Generally, customers purchase USB flash drive semi-finished products to make finished products. So, the main customers are some intermediate processing factories.

The price of USB flash drive semi-finished products

Semi-finished USB flash drive product

Semi-finished USB flash drive product

Capacity (MB) Price (USD$)

3700-4090 4.2
3480-3699 4.1
3001-3499 3.5
2800-3000 3.3
2400-2799 3.0
800-949 2.06
700-799 3.18
460-699 1.59
400-459 1.43
240-399 2.7
121-239 2.06
90-120 1.74
50-89 1.27
1-49 0.95

branded USB flash drive

Branded USB flash drive product

The prices above are only today’s price, if you have want to know more, please contact Ms. Coco from Hugdiy.com

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