January 15th 2023

Bulk USB flash drive custom wholesaler supplier

USB flash drive is one very common storage device for our daily life. We use it for store music, movie, files and pictures; it turns to be one necessity for our life. Since we use it every day, I believe our curiosity pushes us to know the inside structure and the process of making one custom USB flash drive. Although we can learn some online or from USB flash drive wholesaler, there is an old saying “it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times”, then we’d better to check the process of this USB production. It may broaden our horizon to one new world.

As there are varies USB models such as leather USB Stick, Plastic Memory Stick, Metal USB Drive, Wooden USB Flash Drive, Cartoon USB Stick and OTG USB. It will take too much to show all of time, and then we choose one fancy model – wooden USB Flash Drive. The production process we introduced is by hand, as it could be vivid for hand working. Also it brings fun to you if you are interesting in making one on your own.

Reason for choosing Wooden USB Flash Drive

The answer is the material. Wooden materials are easily found in the market, also it is hard enough to avoid shakes; we can use this USB shell for longer time.

The tools for making Wooden USB Drive

All the tools can be referred to the video below, which are easily found in market. The important part is the shell and USB chip. As the USB is mainly consisted of USB shell and USB Ship, the shell plays one protection role for the drive, whereas the chip acts as the heart or cup for the drive. So both of them are highly significant for USB Flash Drive. We must choose reliable USB chip from wholesale USB Stick channel, which can bring you competitive offer and trustable source. Otherwise it will make no sense for this USB DIY, we need to make the best one for our use.

Video for introducing how to make Wooden USB Flash Drive

Video introduction is more powerful than words description, especially for DIY job, you surely know well after watching this DIY video. It presents the whole DIY process in details, you will understand how interesting for making one storage device on your own. Although it takes time to finish such tiny thing, it brings us incredible experience of making small gadgets. With this experience, we can make leather USB drive, plastic USB stick and Leather Memory Stick. It is like all in one function, we can take this skill for producing the other models.
In fact, this process is professionally called customized USB Flash drive. As this wooden USB stick is unique, all the designs are following on personal will. If we have any slogans, we also can engrave or write on it. In this way, this wooden USB flash drive is only made for us, there will no second one in the world.

Let’s start check this DIY video, then we can be expert on making Customized USB Flash Drive.

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