Solid State Memory Chip

The development of solid state memory chip

Major memory chip manufacturer Micron recently declared that scale production of its 232-layer NAND flash memory chip had begun. The solid-state memory chip in question is the first in the world to have more than 200 layers.

176-layer technology is now

The Development from Toshiba to Kioxia

Flash memory was first proposed by Toshiba's Masuoka Fujio in 1984. NAND flash memory was developed by Toshiba in 1987. The original Toshiba memory was renamed to Kioxia in 2019, and for many years, Kioxia flash memory has had the second-largest market sha

What does the difference between flash UFS 3.1 and 2.1?

Flash UFS 2.1 has been replaced by the flash UFS 3.0. On the other hand, performance and power consumption vary greatly. We'll go into detail about the next two points.
1.Difference in performance
UFS 2.1 has made a few minor adjustments to the UFS 2.0

ADATA Launches LEGEND 960 PCIe 4.0 Solid State Drive for PC and PS5

M.2 NVMe SSDs have proliferated as a popular option for desktop computers and laptops in recent years. And a transportable hard drive box may be added to it by certain DIY enthusiasts in an effort to achieve a greater data transfer rate. However, there are

Unraveling the Mystery of NAND Flash Memory

We are all aware that the NAND flash memory is a faster, safer and more stable storage medium than the disk in the mechanical hard disk and has been widely used in built-in hard disks, flash disks, memory cards, smart phones, tablet computers, smart TVs an

How to operate SD Card Wholesale on SD Module?

SD card reading and writing module can help traditional single-chip microcomputers to operate on SD card files easily. It can help apply many operation and perform well.

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