Micro SD Card

Find best price for bulk micro sd cards. The Micro SD card is available from 1mb to 1TB. This tiny card is as small as nail cover, but the function of it is much stronger than the nail. The main function of it is loading data, and builds Storage Bridge among digital devices. Micro SD Card in bulk turns to be one of the most popular accessory for mainstream gadgets, the advantage of its size saves a lot of spaces for the electronic devices loading it. To order the right Micro SD cards, it is necessary to do some studies before the purchase, especially for Wholesale Micro SD cards, the order quantity is more than hundreds, the order value is much higher than retail order, therefore we should be more careful of placing orders for it. There is free shipping for 300pcs. Therefore any orders for bulk micro sd card can be proceeded with MRT, MRT is available customized service for data preload, logo printing and package design. With over 10 years experience for manufacturing and selling microsd bulk, all the bulk micro sd we sell can guarantee 100% full capacity, real speed and 5 years or lifetime warranty.….

SD Card

Find the Best selection of Bulk SD Cards here at Hugdiy.com. Source cheap and high-quality SD or SDHC and SDXC Cards with wholesale offer, get free shipping at small quantity. Bulk SD cards is a non-volatile flash memory card, the first launch was in 1999. It is much smaller than CF card, but it is much more powerful than the other storage media. Almost 80% consumer electronics adopted SD cards as their storage accessory at that time. As SD camera cards occupy less spaces, lots of devices use it for inexpensive data storing. Such as video game consoles, kid toys, Bluetooth speaker, cameras, GPS, and so on. Due to the popularity of SD Cards, many laptops or tablets have developed SD slot. In this way, it positively adds a storage access and raises a good selling point. Along with the development of technology, SD cards have evolved into 3 types. There are SD Card for small capacity, SDHC card for high capacity and SDXC for extreme one. Also, the speed is different among them. Normally, the larger capacity, the higher speed. At present, the biggest capacity is up to 2TB, the max speed can hit up to 300MB/s. With one SD card, you can have an external SSD, there will no worries on storage limit. All important files or valuable photos, you can keep them in this media. All in all, as if you need wholesale memory card for your devices, you need to choose the right one. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the parameters of SD cards in details.….

CF Card

CF card stands for Compact Flash Card - The available capacity is from 128MB to 128GB. This is a traditional memory card; the first launch was in 1994. At that time, it was the smallest portable device using flash memory technology. Also, old CF was using NOR flash, it executed programs from flash directly. However, the way is only suitable for small amounts of data storage. Now CF card has adopted NAND flash to store in large capacity. In addition, the construction of compact flash card is more like solid-state. It means this type of storage device is sturdier than the other ones, and the operating shock rating for it hits 2000 gauss.….

USB Flash Drive

Custom Flash Drives - wholesale USB Flash Drive Our Bulk USB Flash Drives are available from 128mb to 512GB. There are many USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 models at wholesale offer, all the USB Sticks can be shipped within 2-3 days. USB2.0 Bulk USB Flash Drive is one type of external storage. It is one portable memory stick can load video, music, pictures and related data. USB 2.0 Drive is the earliest version of USB Drive; the speed of this model leads max signaling rate of 480MB/s. These USB sticks are widely applied for business promotion, giveaways and brand advertising. USB 3.0 custom flash drives are one of the most popular storage devices. The fast speed of it brings high efficient and convenient for use. The demands for USB 3.0 now is beyond USB 2.0, also the sources are abundant, thus there are more options for USB 3.0. Especially the shells of USB 3.0, they are more modern and commercial.….


SSD NAND is the flash for solid-state drives that are one of the PC or laptop storage. SSD can provide higher data transfer; therefore, it is suitable for running high-end games and professional data analysis. Also, the physical size of SSDs is much smaller than old HDD. Meanwhile, there are no moving parts in its shape design. Most SSDs use NAND flash memory, this type of flash deliver high stability and speed performance. Since the development of SSDs is sustained and rapid, the price is close to traditional hard disk. Furthermore, Solid-state drive is a nonvolatile storage, the failure rate is extremely low.….

Adapter and Accessory

Memory card accessory includes products in numerous types. They are Memory card reader, OTG USB readers, SD card holders, USB card readers and so on. These accessories are sorts of devices for accessing the data on bulk memory cards or USB drives. With their help, users can use it to read or copy photo, video, and files. As many digital products do not support multi ports, we need external device to achieve data exchange. For example, some laptops are only with USB port and some tables are just working with Typec. Therefore, you may need one USB card reader to read bulk SD card or Micro SD. Memory card reader is a good hand to reach versatile function. No matter a businessman or a photographer, they all choose to grab one type of accessory for daily use. ….

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