USB Card reader

Bulk USB Card reader or adapter is one type USB drive without capacity, the main function of it is building the transmission bridge between memory cards and laptops, computers and tablets. USB Card reader can support Micro SD Card, SD Card, CF Card, MMC Card, M2 card and the other storage cards.

Micro SD Card Adapter
  • 100 - 1000 each / $0.14
  • 1001 - 9999 each / $0.13
  • 10000 - up each / $0.10
USB 2.0 A Male to Micro USB Female Adapter
Regular Price: $0.70
Special Price: $0.45
OTG Micro SD Card Reader
Regular Price: $0.85
Special Price: $0.60
OTG USB Reader 3 in 1
Regular Price: $1.50
Special Price: $1.30

USB Card reader is one type device accessing the data on memory cards. As many computers have no slots to read cards directly, then the USB Card reader is the best channel to achieve data transfer. The types of USB Card reader are varies; let’s know more from below introduction.

There are multi USB Card reader and single slot card reader. It obviously understands that multi USB Card reader has more than one port to read memory cards and single slot card reader only can support one type memory card. Multi one means the card reader can work with memory cards in different type, but only can read data from one card when connecting to the computers. Model in this version definitely stands for higher cost, but you have one “universal key” at hand.

Although there is no built-in memory for USB card reader, the function for it can be classified into the one with or without OTG. If you order the reader with OTG function, it means you can use it to connect with phone and exchange data between phone and computer. Also USB card reader is similar to USB Drive, there are many USB housings that brings more selling points.

Guides for ordering USB Card reader:

  • To check the type of USB Card reader before ordering. As the introduction above, you have to be clear of your requests. You could take single slot card reader if you just need to read one type card, it is also saving much budgets on this model.
  • To check the function of USB Card reader before purchase. Now the application of OTG USB Card reader is more and more, if your clients hope it is OTG one; then the order will be clear.
  • As USB card reader is the bridge to transfer data, the speed of it will highly affect the cards you read. If you are reading 3.0 memory card, you must choose USB 3.0 card reader; otherwise the speed for transferring data will be as slow as USB 2.0
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