SDXC Card represents SD Extended Capacity; it is the symbol of high capacity with high speed. SDXC Card from this type comes in sizes between 32GB and 2TB; these cards are widely used in DSLR Camera, drone, security Camera and surveillance devices. Also the speed of SDXC card can reach as high as 300MB/s, we could call these models as super pro SDXC card.

SDXC UHS-1 Card 128GB Class 10
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Wholesale SDXC SD Card

Wholesale SDXC Card in bulk is high-grade version. Some of them are mainly used for industrial and enterprise devices, some will be applied for high-end products for consumer market. These SD cards are the most expensive version, as the life circle and speed of it is the longest and fastest one among all SD memory card family.

Although the demands for SDXC are not as high as SD or SDHC card, the MOQ of ordering it is just 20 to 50pcs. Therefore, you afford less cost to start one order of SDXC cards. The warranty of Bulk SDXC cards is lifetime; especially for wholesale SDXC Card 128GB and 512GB, the reliability and quality are equal to SSD products. So you could order SDXC cards to achieve the powerful storage function instead of HDD or SSD in some purposes.

What are the factors related to the performance of SDXC card?
We cannot say the best one is the most costly one. However, price is one indication to tell the quality, you cannot buy SDXC card cheaper than SD or SDHC card at least. And then you could check the speed, the faster one will display good performance.

Guides for ordering Bulk SDXC SD Cards:

  • Buy SDXC Cards at minimum quantity. As the cost of one SDXC card is twice or more times higher than regular SD card, it is reasonable to test the cards with MOQ before ordering big quantity. Also it is one good way to check the compatibility with your devices, as SDXC cards are impossible to be backward compatible with the devices not supporting SDXC.
  • Check the minimum writing speed of SDXC Card. Many SDXC cards are 100MB/S by writing, it is the minimum speed, you have to confirm the max speed supporting by your equipment, otherwise it is no necessary to buy high speed SDXC.
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