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SD Card

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SDXC UHS-3 Card 256GB Class 10
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Guides for ordering buy SD Card in Bulk from MRT

Let’s learn some stories of SD Card before the shopping.

The big family of Memory cards has consisted of SD Card, Micro SD Card , CF Card, MMC Card , Mini-SDRS-MMC , MS PRO and MS Duo. However, most of them are no longer used for latest gadgets in market. SD Card has been one of the old members, it had been popular since 1999. The size of SD Card is 24mm by width and 32mm by height; also it weighs only around 2g. It is also small size but a bit bigger than Micro SD, therefore the application between them will be different. One big advantage for Micro SD is using one SD adapter, it can be easily turning to be full size SD Card; however, SD Card can’t be used as Micro SD due to the size. Can we conclude that Micro SD can replace SD card? The answer is definitely negative.

Although we can use SD adapter to achieve the transformation from Micro SD to SD, the consistent stability is not same between them. To know more about them, we’d better learn the inner structure.

SD 2.0 applied on SD card with higher capacity

Internal Chip and Structure Difference

The chip for SD memory card is twice bigger than TF Card (referred to Micro SD), then the NAND flash used for SD is usually SLC or MLC; TF Card adopts MLC or TLC. These are one kind of memory technology for memory cards, the rank among them is SLC, MLC, TLC and QLC, and the stabilization for them is declining one by one. As SLC and MLC solution are easily produced by the PCB board in larger board, it’s the reason of the Size difference, we can confirm that bigger size and better performance.
SD structure is similar to the USB Drive both of them are composed by shell and chips. The shell of SD is usually black or blue, but it is also available with colorful design as if clients have demands. The logo for it is usually using sticker, it is more flexible than TF Card; also it has lock button on the shell, this is unique design for SD Card. With this lock button, the data inside can be protected from copy or read; it is one special characteristics of SD Card.
Based on the introduction above for the SD structure, the purchase of SD card will be easy and simple, as you will know well of which device will use the SD card.

SLC、MLC、TLC Flash Memory Chips

Why SD card need choose SLC?

Introduces industrial-grade SD / MicroSD card with SLC flash memory

Why Call it bulk SD Card?

SD Card is one type of removable storage made of Nand flash and controller. The size of it is a bit larger than one coin, its unique design is perfect for Camera, tablet, printer and toys. Normally we buy cards with retail package in consumer market, however, if we order in big quantity or do wholesale memory card business, the package we often use is bulk ones such as plastic tray or bag.

In this way, it will be easy for packing SD Card in simple type, then more likable to ship in big quantity. That’s the reason you may hear of bulk SD cards frequently. 

How to choose bulk SD Card?

Specific knowledge about bulk SD Cards

The advantage of bulk SD Card in storage market

Consumers, wholesalers and companies can meet varies demands from the purchase of memory cards in bulk. Nowadays, the trend of environmental protection is imperative, most of the public rejects pollution and waste, the excessive package has caused plenty of pollution to the earth. Eco-packing way is highly recommended by the people who love environment and simple life.

Bulk package is the most basic packing type in factory. Our living status can be benefited from this packing way, also the cost of SD Card can be cheaper than retail ones. Is it the only way to use bulk SD card? So let’s conclude the advantage of bulk sd card in fellow.

  • Good for environment
  • Lower cost of the purchase
  • Less production time of bulk SD Card
  • Small shipping volume of bulk SD Card
  • Easy packing process
  • Simple IQC Process
  • Simple RMA Process

SD card reading and writing module can operate on SD card

What kind devices use bulk SD Cards often?

Due to the size issue, we can use exclusive method. The devices such as mobile phones, tablets and Mp3 will not work with SD Card, as they have limited spaces. Also there are some devices available for both cards, for example, GPS, Dashcam, Raspberry Pi and Sport camera. Meanwhile, some devices only take SD card as their first and sole storage, these are DLSR Cameras, stealthy Cameras, and digital video cameras. In a conclusion, as if we are using the products related to professional cameras, the best storage accompany is the SD Card.

Besides it, many old models are also using SD Card such as handhold PC, e-Books, electronic piano, and AV equipment. It is because of the launch time of SD card prior to the Micro SD card, the slot for storage part is specifically designed for SD Card.

Bulk SD Card can help dash cam track the driving data, it turns to be new favourite of driver. With this tiny card, no accident can be missed, it is like one justice judge who will reveal the true story and block all the driving crime. Moreover, the portable design of it, we can bring the bulk SD card everywhere as if we have demands. It is easily sharing with the people you love.

We may call this bulk SD Card as magic card, it also can keep beautiful memory with us. When inserting the card into DLSR Camera, your shooting skill will be fully presented, each image you take is one unique work. This incredible storage card will lead you one brand-new life, and show your life in different sizes.  

To get the right way SD Card Format

Fix the lost lock button of SD Card

How to unlock protection on an SD Card

The important parameter of Bulk SD Cards

As we mentioned previously, SD is one old member of memory cards. Therefore, the main parameter of SD card will be same as Bulk Micro SD card. SD Card also follows the same specification of speed, it has three ways to classify the speed, and there are Class, UHS and V version. Let’s review the details for the speed.
Class 4: Max writing speed is 4MB/S
Class 6: Max writing speed is 6MB/S
Class 10: Max writing speed is 10MB/S
UHS-1: writing speed is 10MB/s, and reading speed is as fast as 60MB/s or higher
UHS-3: writing speed is 30MB/s, and reading speed is as fast as 60MB/s or higher
V60: the minimum writing speed is 60MB/s
V90: the minimum writing speed is 90MB/s
With the instruction of speed, you can easily know SD with different speed work with diverse devices. To make the purchase, you could follow the order list below.
Class 4/6: low-end cameras, ATM Machine, Bluetooth speaker and the other gadgets supporting slow version.
Class 10/UHS-1: high-end camera, stealthy camera, Dashcam, GPS and any electronic devices supporting SDHC.
UHS-3/V60/V90: Industrial equipment, High-resolution video camera, and any 4K devices.

Above parameters are mainly working with the speed, however, the compatibility can not be ignored. For the storage market, we have two groups. One is consumer market, the other one is industrial market. Literally we can understand that industrial market will be higher level than consumer one, not only on the cost but also the quality. Can we say one bulk SD card in UHS-3 will suit for industrial equipment? Definitely no!

The Bulk SD Card in industrial level will be high temperature resist, high humid resist and using special components inside, as this type card can work perfectly in extreme environment. So there is one info we have to confirm in advance, if the bulk SD card can work in -40 to 85 ℃, and the component inside is industrial standard or not. Also we have to read the instruction of the devices you are using, it will guide you to choose right cards meeting the parameter.

The details of SD Card (Development Archives)

The popular size of bulk SD Card

The capacity of bulk SD Card can be up to 1TB, how huge space for such tiny card. You may be curious how small size of one SD card, the answer is 128mb at present. Then you can go over the size from 128mb to 1TB, what are common ones used by the public?

The different capacity is related to the varies cost, in simple word, the higher the capacity, the more expensive the cost. Although everyone loves keep 1TB at hand, the cost will not bring chance for all of us. Also not all the equipment can be compatible with 128GB or above, to check if these bulk SDcards are popular size, we have to consider more aspects of the demands.

Let’s review each capacity one by one and find out the popular size.

128MB to 512MB
These capacity are out of dated but still in demand. There are many old phones, gps and old fashioned devices in the market, these electronic products are seldom getting update, then we only can use old cards for them.

1GB to 8GB
These are very common options in daily life, we often find these size as free gift in our digital equipment. As the cost of them is not high, but still play good performance and load enough data. Especially the 8GB bulk SD Card, it is the favourite choice for Camera manufacturer, the space of it is big enough to shoot video and picture, also the price is much cheaper than 16GB.

16GB to 128GB UHS-1
Following our previous introduction of SD Card parameter, the speed of UHS-1 is faster cards than standard class 10. These bulk SD cards are widely adopted by Gopro, sport camera, dash cam and GPS, the larger capacity and higher speed lead the devices to the best performance. If checking with the order quantity, 16GB and 32GB are the most popular accompany for the gadgets in high resolution.

128GB to 1TB UHS-3
Along with the science development of the world, there is one tiny air vehicle called drone. It records video and photo in 4k or above, people are chasing this device as the living trend. Therefore, the speed and capacity is the key to take good footage, which is also affecting if the drone can take thousands raw and high-megapixel images. As if you have enough funds for investing on bulk SD cards, you are doing the right choice if you order 128GB and 256GB.

The physical size for bulk SD Card did not change in decade years, but the using size of it has sharply transformed. Each size in the history of bulk SD card has played important role, even for now, the sales of all the size are never missing. If we must go for the most popular ones, we can do recommendation as follows.

  • Low capacity 128MB/256MB for old phones or GPS
  • 4GB and 8GB will be good for giveaways
  • High capacity 16GB/32GB good enough for daily use
  • Large capacity 128GB or above perfect for 4K drone ,sd cards for camera

How to test bulk SD Card?

You may wonder why this question coming out? What does the Genuine SD Card? It is understandable that you may have these doubts, as you have known that micro SD can be turned to be SD Card by SD adapter, also the cost of micro SD is much cheaper than SD due to the size issue. Obviously it is one good way to make profits by this loophole, how we identify and avoid it?
There are two simple ways to find the truth.

  • We must disassemble the SD Card, and check the chip inside. If the manufacturer makes cheating, you will find one micro SD inside instead of normal chipboard.
  • We can check the function of lock button, if we could lock the data from copy or read by this button, then it is genuine SD.

We have to be very careful of every detail when starting to place any orders, otherwise the loss will be unavoidable.
Above ways are the physical ways for finding out if bulk SD card are real cards. If we hope identify the speed and capacity, how can we do the test?

We can use testing software to check if SD cards are fake cards. This type testing software called H2test, it finishes the testing by one loop of full write and full read in one SD card. If the card is prototype, it will tell you how many spaces are real and the rest is fake.

Besides the testing of bulk SD card, the purchase channel is more important. Any products win good reputation by good services, especially for the source of bulk SD card, every orders of it is in large quantity. If we go for wrong one, the loss will be huge. The warranty and RMA is a must to check, you can skip it if the warranty of your is less than one year, and you have to check if the seller has complete RMA process. These can guide you make good purchase and right SD Cards in bulk.
How to test micro sd card and sd card or nandflash has been expanded or not?

How to order SD Cards in bulk order

Wholesale order for SD Card is the orders reaching 100pcs at least. The price of it is much cheaper than retail one, the cost is based on one everlasting principle: the more you order, the cheaper you get. Also these orders are packed by bulk way, usually they are packed in trays or bags. Besides it, there is also customized order, clients will request their logo or package, the lead time for these order will be 5-10 days more than bulk one.

One good wholesale for bulk SD Cards - - MRT

With these guides, you will be easily getting good deal for bulk SD order or customized order. MRT has been in bulk memory cards business over 10 years; the shipment can deliver worldwide and provide 5 years or lifetime warranty for the storage products. Any offers related to the storage, just email or contact us.
Also we have diverse sources for sdsc card, they are available with original chip and OEM one. As if you have stable demands, we can guarantee the cost you have is the reasonable one. No matter what kind devices you are using, there will be one type card workable for you.

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