January 16th 2023

U393 SSD USB flash drive: has both USB3.0 GEN2 and Type-C interface

In the data era, almost everyone has data storage device no matter whether they are big or small, including mobile phones, computers and other equipment. And most people choose to transmit through network when exchange data. However, this method not only wastes time, but also has certain limitations. Today I will teach you a simple and fast data transmission solution, that is, to choose an high-speed solid state USB U393, which can indirectly expand the capacity of mobile phones and notebooks.


USB flash drive type c

The appearance design of the aigo high-speed solid-state USB U393 is very luxurious. It adopts a streamlined sports car design, and the surface of the SSD USB Drive is made of high-quality zinc alloy, and has a high-density packaging process design, all of this is to provide a high strength and a very smooth feel for the SSD USB Drive. You can feel a little weight in hand and it is indeed very luxury. In addition, the SSD USB Drive also adopt a flip-up hood design, which in one hand can protect the Usb port better, and on the other hand can avoid losing SSD USB Drive.

128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB USB Flash Drive

The aigo high-speed solid-state USB U393 has four capacity options: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB, respectively. In terms of interface, it adopts USB3.0 GEN2 and Type-C dual interface design, so it is compatible with current mainstream devices, including Mac devices. Windows computers, tablets, mobile phones and other devices.

If you are careful enough, you will find that since it can be connected to a mobile phone, can it directly expend mobile phone capacity? Yes, this USB flash drive is equipped with Type-C interface, so it can be connected to mobile phones that support Type-C interface. We can download TV series and movies into the USB flash drive, plug it in your phone, and watch movies smoothly.

high-speed solid state USB U393

Performance is the most important aspect. The reading speed can reach up to 520MB/s and the writing speed can reach up to 420MB/s. This performance has reached the level of mainstream SATA solid state drives, and the aigo high-speed solid state U393 SSD USB Drive is smaller in size, highly integrated. It is quite difficult to achieve this performance technically.

USB SSD reading speed 520MB

The excellent performance of this SSD USB Drive makes it a more suitable choice for the consumers in professional fields. With a reading speed of 520MB/s, it can transmit files faster and more efficient, and make video editing and data file interaction much easier.

The aigo high-speed solid-state U393 SSD USB Drive has exceeded my expectations in both appearance design and performance. It is luxurious and exquisite in appearance, and its performance has almost reached the limit. It ranks firmly among the top level of SSD USB Drives.

USB drive shape Nvme SSD mobile hard disk, a measured speed 933MB/s

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