January 16th 2023

The newly released Samsung PRO Plus SD card has high continuous reading and writing speed

Thanks to the rich economic life, the content creation field is booming. If you look at the types, numbers and trends of content platforms and trends in recent years, you can see that the vitality and influence of content creation are constantly improving. Behind the creation of content, there are people and tools that the creation depends on. The people and tools jointly created the colorful and blooming content forms and display forms in current time.

Full-time content creator-Abston Wiseman

Among them, the memory card products that are used to store and record the original content and provide the original data for post-processing are the content tools that we should pay most attention to but are most likely to be ignored. In order to explore the importance of memory cards for content creation, we invited a full-time creator, Abston Wiseman, who has been working in the content creation field for a long time, to experience the Samsung PRO Plus that was released not long ago. After a week of use and experience, we recorded Abston Wiseman’s real first impression of this memory card.

Samsung PRO Plus

from website of samsung storage

01 the “unchanged” part of Samsung PRO Plus: high transmission performance under 4K

After a week of experience, the first thing Abston Wiseman says about Samsung PRO Plus is its performance.

Abston Wiseman’s photo from work

People who are familiar with the content creation process should know that the function of the memory card determined that it needs considerable reading and writing performance. So it can complete the important task of transferring the optical signals captured by the camera’s photosensitive device into electrical signals, and record and store data fast and safely, and then present it in the image format that we are familiar with.

Assume that the reading and writing performance of the memory card cannot keep up with the conversion efficiency of the camera’s electrical signal, the camera’s image will be incomplete, and mosaics will show up when replay on the camera’s display screen. In the worst case, data and image recording may not be completed directly.

Picture from the official website of Samsung Storage

Samsung PRO Plus has a theoretical reading speed of 100MB/S and a writing speed of 90MB/S. During Abston Wiseman’s actual test, it can still perfectly record image data even when collecting 4K-level raw materials. The imaging effect is complete, and the camera playback is clear and efficient, so Abston Wiseman does not need to worry about data recording during the creation process.

Of course, in addition to the collection of raw data inside the camera, the other important mission of the memory card is to transfer data between devices, that is, import raw data into a personal PC for post-processing. Ordinary users like us are more familiar with this process, and it is also an important indicator that affects the efficiency of content creators.

The actual transfer speed of Samsung PRO Plus

samsung pro plus 256gb sd card

According to Abston Wiseman’s operation, we can see that in its peak state, Samsung PRO Plus has a transmission speed that exceeded the theoretical performance, reaching an impressive 103MB/S, which has also surprised Abston Wiseman. The efficient data transmission and stable data recording have greatly improved Abston Wiseman’s efficiency in post-processing.

02The “change” of Samsung PRO Plus: Seven aspect protections, 10-year limited warranty, and tough quality with ten thousand plug-in cycles

High performance is the foundation of content creation, and the stability and durability of the memory card is the soul that supports content creation. When talking about stability and durability, Abston Wiseman also expressed that the performances of memory cards are actually quite the same, but in terms of stability and durability, there are huge differences between different memory cards.

Yes, the current mainstream memory cards have all explored and supplemented in terms of stability and durability. Conventional memory card items are basically equipped with triple protection or 5 aspect protections to enhance the durability of the memory card.

The seven aspect protection concept of Samsung PRO Plus

seven aspect protection concept of Samsung PRO Plus

This recently released Samsung PRO Plus, has put forward the concept of 7 aspect protections for the first time. That is, the Samsung PRO Plus can achieve wear resistance, water resistance, high and low temperature resistance, X-ray resistance, antimagnetic, drop resistance, and impact resistance. It can collect and record the original data safely and stably under these harsh conditions.

In fact, in Abston Wiseman’s daily experience, he often encountered the awkward situation like real-time shooting under severe cold and heat, and put memory cards with strong magnetic products such as mobile phones, computers, credit cards, etc.; when he returned to the studio, he may sometimes knock over water cups that may soak memory card, or dropping the memory card to the ground, or the card may even being stepped on accidentally, etc. However, after a week of experience, Abston Wiseman found that this Samsung PRO Plus can still operate normally and complete data transmission and recording efficiently.

actual transfer speed of samsung pro plus

In addition, when I told Abston Wiseman that this Samsung PRO Plus also supports a 10-year limited warranty and supports 10,000 times of insertion and removal without damage, Abston Wiseman was so impressed, and the decided to purchase a batch of Samsung PRO Plus for everyone in his studio immediately.

03 “Change and unchange” Samsung brand storage is always on the road

As the title the “change and unchange” of Samsung PRO Plus says, for a single memory card product, there is not much room for product innovation and functional iteration because it is restrained by device versatility and the consistency of production standards. Therefore, as we can see that most of the memory cards have similar appearance and functional description. But they explored more in terms of experience and built-in functions. Just like what amazed Abston Wiseman, the 7 aspect protection, 10-year limited warranty and the improved experience of 10,000 inserts and unplugs without damage are the “changed” part of Samsung PRO Plus;

As for the “unchanged” part, it is definitely Samsung’s continuous pursuit of product performance. The continuous reading speed of 100MB/S and continuous writing speed of 90MB/S, and the actual performance that exceeded the theoretical peak performance. a Samsung storage is always in action to pursue ultimate performance.

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