Unraveling the Mystery of Memory Card Speed
The data of NandFlash is stored in the memory cell in the form of bits. Generally speaking, only one bit can be stored in a cell. These cells are connected into bit lines in units of 8 or 16 to form a so-called byte (x8 )/word(x16), this is the bit width of NA... More >>
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The worst semiconductor downturn in ten years
The instability of global macroeconomic still remains. Along with the volatility of foreign exchange, the cost of raw material and logistics keeps increasing, which is caused by the federal fund rate hike. Simultaneously the cheap inventory has soared by 50%,... More >>
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ADATA Launches LEGEND 960 PCIe 4.0 Solid State Drive
Now PCIe 3.0 is actually good enough to serve the consumer market. In all respects PCIe 4.0 is out of reach for a variety of reasons including cost, timing and market. Presumably for these various reasons, Intel doesn't seem to care about PCIe 4.0 at the momen... More >>
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Micron Releases World's First 1.5TB microSD Card and Automotive Functional Safety Certified Memory
Storage manufacturer Micron has launched the biggest volume microSD memory card in the world, the capacity has reaches 1.5TB. This memory card is equipped with a 176-layer chip, it is in 3D NAND flash. This memory card is specially designed for industrial-grad... More >>
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What does the difference between flash UFS 3.0 and 2.1?
The new improved version of 2.1 is called UFS 3.0. The random read and write performance is not significantly different between the two, but the sequential read and write performance of UFS 3.0 has increased by more than two times. And UFS 3.0 has a significan... More >>
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Interview with Mr. Shigeyuki Okamoto of Kioxia
From the IEDM conference in 1984, Fujio Masuoka, an engineer at Toshiba's ULSI Research Institute, put forth the idea of flash memory. Because of this, it only took more than 10 years for flash memory to be developed in many configurations including CF,SD, MMC... More >>
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YMTC is gaining ground on its rivals with 232-layer chips
YMTC had launched 3D Nand Chip X3-9070 as its 4th Generation on August 4th, it is the first chip with 232 layers of memory cells More >>
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The first solid-state memory chip in the world with more than 200 layers is released
With up to 2 TB of data stored in a single NAND chip, Micron offers the best solid-state storage density in the market. More >>
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Storage company releases most recent earnings report
The latest financial report released from storage giant: although the price for DRAM gets drop a bit, the price of NAND goes up. The production yield of DRAM and 4D NAND in 176 layers has improved, which raise the profit. More >>
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The United States is thinking about taking action against Chinese memory chip manufacturers
After forbidding the export of 14-nanometer and more sophisticated semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China, US Department now focusing on memory chip production there. More >>
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