January 16th 2023

How to choose suitable Surveillance Equipment Storage Products

With the development of the country’s new infrastructure and the continuous advancement of smart cities, security has been rapidly developed because it is an important mean of maintaining social order. At the same time, the safety awareness of households and enterprises is constantly improving, and security equipment is gradually entering into hundreds and thousands of households.

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Currently, the security equipment mainly serves two types of application scenarios, one is the smart transportation, smart government, education and other fields served by the security monitoring system, and the other is the commercial scenarios for businesses, homes, and individuals served by network surveillance cameras.

suitable monitoring equipment storage products

Why is the security storage capacity getting higher and higher?

With the upgrade of security equipment, the popularization of high-definition video, the shape increases of monitoring channels and storage duration, and the massive amounts of data produced by video and bayonet ports, the problem of security storage will become more prominent. How to store management data? What kind of performance can solve the problem of security storage?

1.micro sd cards and USB Flash drive Large capacity storage should become the basic configuration. Since video surveillance generally has multiple monitoring points, large video data streams, and long storage duration, the size of its video files may range from tens of gigabytes to thousands of gigabytes or even a few terabytes. Those files demand large enough capacity to store.

2. High storage scalability and compatibility requirements. In the history of security video surveillance storage process, problems like frame loss, picture loss, playback stuck, and hard disk failure may occur. Therefore, the storage device’s recording resolution, scalability, endurance and other performance requirements need to be high enough to avoid the above problems.

3. The reading and writing performance and stability of the memory card should be good enough. As cameras are generally located indoors, outdoors, and even in various harsh environments, and need to write continuously for 24 hours a day, the writing volume is much larger than that of daily use. Thus, memory cards that are used in security scenarios has high requirement for reading and writing performance and stability. Generally, the writing life of memory card is not as long as that of the professional ones, and the stability is not high enough as well, it is not suitable for long-term monitoring.

Memory usage situation

First of all, the size of the storage space occupied by surveillance video is proportional to the number of camera and the pixels of the camera. The more the cameras, the larger the video space occupied every day. The higher the camera pixels, the larger the space occupied. When the pixel is the same, taking the H264 format video as an example, a 10TB hard disk, 4-channel H264 1 million camera can record for 124 days, but if it is replaced with a 4-channel H264 2 million camera, it can only record for 62 days. Few days can be recorded when pixels are higher. The usual bit rate of 2 million pixels is 4Mbps, which means a 24 hours of video file would take about 42G capacity. If the bit rate is adjusted to 2Mbps, the daily video files would account for about 21G capacity. If the bit rate is 8Mbps, the amount of data generated in 24 hours is about 84GB, the amount of recorded data in 30 days is 2520GB, and the amount of recorded data in one year is 30TB.

Why high-definition surveillance need special memory?

Compared with the traditional monitoring system, the HD monitoring system has higher resolution and higher definition, which means that the code stream during data transmission will also be large, which greatly increases the pressure of memory storage. In addition, the multi-channel parallel code stream optimization technology, can only be used in the monitoring memory, and is the main functional means to share the pressure of memory storage(bulk micro sd card and USB Flash drive). Thus, even the high-definition monitoring system is not very demanding on the transmission speed of the memory.

In the future, with the development of 5G, artificial intelligence, and big data, the security storage industry will continue to optimize and develop towards large capacity and systematization. Product demands between different industries and markets will also make storage products more diversified and intelligent. Security storage products will embrace greater possibilities.

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