As Micro SD Memory card is perfectly designed for being accessory, with an added SD card adapter, it can be placed directly into a computer SD memory card slot, these bulk Micro SD can work with camera, cell phone, 3D printer, Car DVR, Tablet and the other digital products.
Micro SDXC Card 256GB
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Tips for ordering bulk Micro SD Cards from MRT


Micro SD Card is one sort of memory cards. This tiny card is as small as nail cover, but the function of it is much stronger than the nail. The main function of it is loading data, and builds Storage Bridge among digital devices. Micro SD Card in bulk turns to be one of the most popular accessory for mainstream gadgets, the advantage of its size saves a lot of spaces for the electronic devices loading it.

To order the right Micro SD cards, it is necessary to do some studies before the purchase, especially for Wholesale Micro SD cards, the order quantity is more than hundreds, the order value is much higher than retail order, therefore we should be more careful of placing orders for it.


How to start the first step with bulk buy micro sd cards cards?


At the beginning, you as the buyer from one company or one store, you have to know which products will use these Micro SD Cards, and also get the ideas that if you need SD adapter to come with Micro SD. Why is necessary to know these info in advance? As Micro SD card is different functional by different parameters. Although all these tiny cards named after TF card, the specific application will be in big difference.

Therefore, to learn all the parameters of this storage body is prior to start any orders. Otherwise it is hard to guarantee good deal.


The types of micro sd bulk


Micro SD is basically classified into three types. There are Micro SD Card, SDHC Card and SDXC Card. This is the fundamental define for the capacity of the card; it is ranging from low capacity to high one. As the name suggests that SD card represents the smallest space from 128mb to 2GB, SDHC stands for SD high capacity and SDXC is SD extended capacity. The capacity range for them is respectively 128MB to 2GB, 4GB to 32GB and 32GB to 2TB.

When choosing cards for the devices we must pay attention to the capability of the devices, as there will be max capacity they can support. E.g. some phones only can work with max capacity at 32GB, but some can support 256GB. The tips for this part you can refer to the below guide.

  1. To know the property of the using device, and find out it is working with SDHC or SD
  2. Take the samples to test with compatibility with the devices.


The micro sd card bulk writing and reading speed


The fast is the best. This standard is not working with memory cards. As bulk micro sd is one kind of accessory, the main task for it is to serve well for the electronic devices that use cards for loading storage. Therefore, the devices will decide the best speed, as some gadgets are designed with slower performance; the device will fail if we use too fast cards. Consequently we should know the speed of it by overall details.

There are many parameters related to the speed. The first one is class, it tells the writing speed, and in other words, it is the speed of copying data to the pc or devices. The info of class is very obvious to mark out the writing speed. Class 4 means the writing speed hits 4MB/S, Class 6 is 6MB/S and Class 10 is 10MB/S. These measurable factors only indicate the writing speed and no information of reading one. Besides it, UHS (ultra high speed) is another indication for writing speed. There is two types UHS, UHS-1 represents the writing speed at 10MB/S, and UHS-3 is 30MB/s by write. The common thing between UHS and Class is showing the data of writing speed, however, UHS also points out the reading speed. Although there is no specific number describing, the average reading speed will be from 50MB/S to 100MB/s.

Along with the development of science and technology, more and more electronic gadgets support 1080p and 4k video. Therefore, there is new parameter released. It is called video speed class and abbreviated by V10, V30, V60 and V90; these measured numbers are connected to writing speed but are minimum sequential write speed not max one. It means the minimum writing speed of V10, V30, V60 and V90 is individually 10MB/S, 30MB/S, 60MB/S and 90MB/S. The card under this standard is usually for high-end and industrial products, as only products in high performance will ask for such high writing speed.

Why the nomenclature on the cards all concerning with writing speed? Any specification will tell the read one? Of course, it is positive answer for these questions. The latest standard for Micro SD card is version 5.1, there is one new specification for the speed of running apps, it is A1 and A2. It marks the minimum writing and reading speed based on IOPS.

A1: Random Read input-output access per second of 1500, write IOPS of 1500
A2: Random Read input-output access per second of 4000, write IOPS of 2000

Above brief introduction of speed will lighten up the ideas of ordering cards. There is one simple tip to follow, and the list below will guide you to choose the right cards for your products.

Class 4/6: low-end phones, MP3, Mp4, Bluetooth speaker, electronic piano, baby monitor and the other gadgets supporting slow version.
Class 10/UHS-1: high-end Phones, camera, dashcam, GPS, Raspberry Pi, PlayStation, tablets and any electronic devices supporting SDHC.
UHS-3/V60/V90: Drone, industrial equipment, 4K sport camera, smartphones, and any 4K devices.

In fact, the popular sources in market are still class and UHS version, as the cost of them is more acceptable, also the capacity of them is mainstream. If you buy memory card the cost will be the first priority in addition to the quality; class and UHS version already can meet the speed requests, then there is no necessary to take expensive cards with UHS-3 or V60/90.


bulk memory cards Policy for after sales service


No matter how famous brand or reliable source you ordered, the after sales service is very important for your bulk order. Although you know well of how to select the micro SD, you still may get failed pieces or unexpected issues with your order. The first thing came to you is to resolve it, and then the after sales service will be the key for this puzzle. We should cooperate with the memory card wholesaler who supports long time warranty, fast response and positive solution for the problems. This is another direct tip for placing order.


One good place for bulk Micro SD Card - - MRT


With these tips, you will be easily getting good deal from bulk source. MRT has been in bulk memory cards business over 10 years; the shipment can deliver worldwide and provide 5 years or lifetime warranty for the storage products. Any offers related to the bulk order, just email or contact us.


bulk Micro SD stocks can be shipped within 1 day,


there is free shipping for 300pcs. Therefore any orders for bulk micro sd card can be proceeded with MRT, MRT is available customized service for data preload, logo printing and package design. With over 10 years experience for manufacturing and selling microsd bulk, all the bulk micro sd we sell can guarantee 100% full capacity, real speed and 5 years or lifetime warranty.

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