Memory card adapter

Bulk memory card adapters will help one type of memory card convert to another format or size. The most common adapters are SD adapter, M2 Card adapter, Mini SD adapter, CF Card adapter and OTG Card adapter. There are wide selections of memory card adapters at wholesale offer; all bulk sources can be shipped within one day.

Micro SD Card Reader
Regular Price: $0.80
Special Price: $0.40
OTG Card Reader
  • 100 - 1000 each / $0.70
  • 1001 - 3000 each / $0.65
  • 3001 - up each / $0.55
Memory Stick Pro Duo Adapter with one Slot
  • 100 - 1000 each / $0.90
  • 1001 - 5000 each / $0.85
  • 5001 - up each / $0.75
SD Adapter for Macbook
  • 100 - 1000 each / $1.00
  • 1001 - 5000 each / $0.90
  • 5001 - up each / $0.85
PSP Card Adapter with Dual Slots
  • 100 - 1000 each / $1.30
  • 1001 - 3000 each / $1.20
  • 3001 - up each / $1.10

Wholesale Memory card adapters are one of the most popular accessories among all memory products. With one specific adapter, the original format and size of one memory card can be easily changed to another one; this is the magic tool for memory cards. Furthermore, adapters in this type help users save much expenses. For example, the Bulk SD card in full size is more expensive than Micro SD cards, you just need to pay extra 10 or 20 cents for one adapter, and then one cheaper SD card can be used.

Memory card adapters are also the best media for exchanging data. As no one can have storage in device in all ranges, some only can read CF card and some just can work with SD card. Therefore, the existence of memory card is positively resolving this issue; meanwhile adapters efficiently help users transfer data among different equipment.

No matter what kind cards you have at hand, there will be one adapter completing the shape change. As there is no universal shape for storage product, the application for adapter is very common. With memory card adapters in different models, all the users can easily do data transmission.

Guides for ordering Memory card adapters

  • Wholesale Memory card adapters have MOQ for each order, there will be 100pcs at least, and you could get free shipping for 300pcs.
  • Adapters for Memory cards have different models, colors and shapes, you can select the most suitable ones as your storage accompany.
  • Now the high demands for memory cards adapters are SD adapters, they can be colorful shell and half size one. Also it is available for logo printing or logo sticker, there are varies customized options.
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