How much does bulk USB drive customization generally cost? What are the precautions when using personal USB flash drive?
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How much does USB drive customization generally cost? What are the precautions when using USB disk?

USB drive is usually used to store electronic files. USB drive is very small and convenient for people to carry. Now many people will customize their own USB drive in order to make their USB drive unique. So today I want to share some tips with you on how much USB drive customization generally cost and what are the precautions when using USB drive.

How much does Custom USB drive customization cost generally?

In addition to capacity, the customization price of the USB flash drive also depends on what style you choose. The price of different styles of USB flash drives is also different. Generally, the more customized Bulk USB produced, the cheaper the price. At present, 4gb and personal 8gb USB drives are customized most often on the market. The price of the cheapest 4gb USB drive is about 2.99$, the price of a 8gb capacity USB drive is about 4.29$, and the most expensive customized USB drive is about 9.99$. But the specific price depends on local consumption condition.

What are the precautions when using USB drive

1. The USB flash drive is usually marked with a protection switch, which should be switched before insert USB flash drive into the computer interface to avoid switching it when the USB flash drive is working. Generally, the USB flash drive has a working status indicator. When the USB flash drive is inserted into the host interface, the light is on, indicating that the power is on. When the light is flashing, it indicates that the USB flash drive is copying data.

2. Some USB drive may still be in working status after the system copy progress disappears. Therefore, it is forbidden to unplug the USB drive when the reading and writing status light is on. You must wait until the reading and writing status indicator stops flashing or goes out completely before you can unplug the USB drive.

3. Some brands of USB drive reserve a relatively small space for file allocation, so it is easy to make mistakes when copying a large number of files. At this time, you should stop copying immediately and compress multiple small files into one large file first to solve this problem.

4. In order to protect the USB interface and the motherboard and prevent deformation or reduce friction, if there is no requirement for the copying speed, it is recommended to use a USB extension cable. Generally, the manufacturer will give you one for free when you buy a USB drive. If you buy it yourself, it is recommended to choose a well-known brand line. Try to buy one with lines as thick as possible, but it should not exceed 3 meters, otherwise it may easily to make mistakes when copying data.

5. The storage principle of the USB drive is very different from the hard disk. The USB drive does not need to be defragmented, otherwise it will affect the service life. Viruses may appear in the USB flash drive, so it is best to disinfect the USB flash drive when connecting to the computer. It is best to get a USB flash drive virus immunity for the newly purchased USB flash drive, which can prevent the USB flash drive virus effectively.

Editor's summary: The above is my tips on the general cost of USB drive customization and the precautions when using USB drive. A little understanding of the precautions when using USB drive can improve the service life of the USB drive. I hope the above sharing can help you, if you need more relevant information, please continue to pay attention on the Qijia website.


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