OTG technology can realize data transmission between devices without a Host. The host and peripheral are called A device and B device. The A device is in charge of power supply, and device B can call device A for connection. The low power consumption, easy con... More >>
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Secure USB Flash drive
Secure USB Flash Drive has authorization management, access control, illegal outreach blocking and many other protection settings that help encrypt data and protect data safety. It was widely used in confidential information – related entities, but now it is w... More >>
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Semi-finished products USB flash drive
The quality of USB flash drive’s flash memory is very important, many problems maybe caused when the flash memory is of poor quality. You can test the quality with the silicom USB flash drive authenticity test software. More >>
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The function of Card USB Flash Driver
Card USB flash drive is very thin. You can customize its appearance with corporate logo and load it with promotion materials. It is a very good choice of advertisement gift. More >>
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The function of gift USB Flash drive (2)
Customized gift USB Flash drive is a very good advertise product. It is flexible, can reach audience directly and has strong brand promotion effect. It is usable for customers, and can present advertisement to customers each time they use, giving them strong i... More >>
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Gift USB Flash Drive
Gift USB flash is the first choice in the electronic gift industry. It is a perfect combination of practical and valuable. When plugged into a computer, it will automatically display the preset website, FLASH, video, advertisement, etc.. Those contents were em... More >>
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Encrypted custom usb drives
Encrypted custom usb drivess are very popular on the market. These custom usb drivess on the market are currently divided into two categories: fingerprint encrypted custom usb drives and key-press encrypted custom usb drives. They function in different way, bu... More >>
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USB Type-C 240W leads the future of power supply
USB PD fast changing standard was recently upgraded to 3.1 version. It promotes the power industry to enter the era that “everything can be charged", and the application range has been widened. The maximum power of USB Type-C from 100W (20V, 5A) to 240W (48V,... More >>
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DIY from start to giving up: What the hell is USB 3.2 Gen 2×2
The naming of USB interface is very confusing. Even some merchants can’t tell the difference between different protocols, you should pay attention to the interface and your purpose when purchasing. More >>
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SD card data recovery tutorial: 3 tools for recover photos deleted by accident from SD card with just one click
SD cards are very important to us, especially to those photography enthusiasts. Many factors may cause photos saved in SD cards be lost. But with some software, they can be retrieved. It is very important to find a software that is reliable. The author recomme... More >>
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