Where is the strength of enterprise/data center SSDs? Big, fast, stable, dense
Enterprise level and data center level solid state drives perform better than consumer level products. They have larger capacity, faster speed, more stable and higher security. By comparing the parameters of enterprise level SSD and data center level SSD, the... More >>
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How to check whether the SD card memory card has been expanded or not?
MyDiskTest can help you test whether your cards have been expended or not. It first test the capacity of your cards, and then test whether it can store as much files as it claimed. Finally, the reading speed and writing speed is been tested. If your card can p... More >>
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What special functions do custom USB flash drive have?
USB thumb drive have lots of hidden functions, and there are software that can help you use your usb flash drive more wisely. Usb flash File Management Expert can help you lock computer, save privacy, synchronize files. Opera USB can create a portable browser.... More >>
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How to choose a soft pvc USB flash drive
PVC gel and silica gel have some difference, for example, silica gel has white powder after burning, while PVC gel just went black and have unpleasant smell. They both feel soft and their hardness can be adjusted. Silica gel can be heated in microwave oven, bu... More >>
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How to choose a carabiner style USB Flash drive suitable for your purpose?
Carabiner style U disk has may styles. Plastic rotating carabiner USB flash drive is the most classic one, and has been popular for many years. All metal keychain carabiner U disk is special and is suitable for business gifts. Round carabiner USB flash drive h... More >>
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Magic tool: a new generation of multi-system startup Usb drive installation solution
Ventory is a new multi-system startup U disk installation solution. It saves your time by saving the formatting time each time you copy a new system. You only need to install the tool, and then you can add or delete any operating system ISO image files as you... More >>
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Choose the right memory card for your camera, save money and worry less - SD memory card purchase guide
The author recommends several SD cards with high speed and high cost performance for middle and high end camera. Some with regular speed need only regular SD cards, while other machines have high data throughput and require faster card. Pick one according to t... More >>
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Everything you need to know before buying a camera memory card!
SD cards are the most commonly used memory cards in our daily life, and it has several specifications based on its size, capacity and speed. UHS-III is the fastest, but it is not available yet. For daily use, choose the speed and capacity specification accordi... More >>
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You wouldn’t know until you test it! How to restore all these USB vulnerabilities?
A security research team found 26 new bugs in USB drives using a fuzzer they made called USBFUZZ. Among them, one bug is found in FreeBSD, three bugs were found in MacOS (two caused unplanned restart, one caused the system to freeze), four were found in Window... More >>
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Some common knowledge about usb flash drive
usb flash drives may have many problems after use. Sometimes it can’t be identified by the computer, here are some methods to repair it. Also, you can try change the voltage in the main control in there are internal DC-DC converter leakage. And there are some... More >>
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