Is mobile phone MicroSD card expansion necessary? Check out the results of the most recent poll
SD memory card expansion is convenient and easy to expand. Why do no mobile phone manufacturers choose this solution at present? More >>
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With the development of technology and the updating of standard, SD cards have developed rapidly. They now have smaller size, larger capacity and wider application range. More >>
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SD card reader
SD card readers can help SD cards to be used on many devices. They can be categorized into many types according to different standards. It can also be used with an SD card to perform "install the system without Usb drive" on a computer without both system and... More >>
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SD card purchase - V90 memory card test and usage guide
The quality of SD cards will affect your shooting experience dramatically. It is always recommended to buy the most expensive SD card you can afford to get the best experience. Lexar card has always been trusted by the author. Its performance is quite good in... More >>
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SD card data recovery tutorial: 3 tools for recover photos deleted by accident from SD card with just one click
SD cards are very important to us, especially to those photography enthusiasts. Many factors may cause photos saved in SD cards be lost. But with some software, they can be retrieved. It is very important to find a software that is reliable. The author recomme... More >>
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Some real stuff again! SD card Bootloader offline upgration based on STM32F103
Bootloader upgration is fun, and most cards can be upgraded in this way. The article here listed the detailed step and the functions that are needed in upgration. For more information, please visit the original forem. More >>
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How to check whether the SD card memory card has been expanded or not?
MyDiskTest can help you test whether your cards have been expended or not. It first test the capacity of your cards, and then test whether it can store as much files as it claimed. Finally, the reading speed and writing speed is been tested. If your card can p... More >>
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Choose the right memory card for your camera, save money and worry less - SD memory card purchase guide
The author recommends several SD cards with high speed and high cost performance for middle and high end camera. Some with regular speed need only regular SD cards, while other machines have high data throughput and require faster card. Pick one according to t... More >>
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Everything you need to know before buying a camera memory card!
SD cards are the most commonly used memory cards in our daily life, and it has several specifications based on its size, capacity and speed. UHS-III is the fastest, but it is not available yet. For daily use, choose the speed and capacity specification accordi... More >>
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A necessity for photography and video enthusiasts, see the different between 1$ and 8$ card readers?
Cheap carder readers perform worser than better quality ones. Card readers that are a little more expensive performs better in appearance, texture, speed, function. It is recommended to buy a better-quality card reader. More >>
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