Smart phone OTG USB Flash drive
Smart phone OTG USB is very convenient and is popular in today’s life. It can be used to transmit data and share information between different devices and platform. More >>
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How to expand mobile phone memory? The choice of future mobile phone USB Flash Drive Description
The insufficient mobile phone capacity has always caused inconvenience in our daily life, but with a mobile phone USB Flash Drive, many problems can be solved. The disk is small in size, has excellent data interaction ability, can be used as office entertainme... More >>
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What special functions do custom USB flash drive have?
USB thumb drive have lots of hidden functions, and there are software that can help you use your usb flash drive more wisely. Usb flash File Management Expert can help you lock computer, save privacy, synchronize files. Opera USB can create a portable browser.... More >>
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How to choose a carabiner style USB Flash drive suitable for your purpose?
Carabiner style U disk has may styles. Plastic rotating carabiner USB flash drive is the most classic one, and has been popular for many years. All metal keychain carabiner U disk is special and is suitable for business gifts. Round carabiner USB flash drive h... More >>
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The size and package of USB interface
In this article the author introduces USB2.0, USB 3.0, and USB 4.0. USB 4.0 is 4 times faster than the previous generation. Almost all USB standards are backward compatible with other standards. The association has been updating standards to cope with data inc... More >>
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A Special Entry Luxury in the Storage Devices —Dual Interface U Disk in Classic Tiffany Blue, Providing Convenience and Quality Life for You
this SanDisk Cool Soft Type-C Usb flash is a good choice for those who require fine reading and writing performance. Moreover, it cut the tape of using adapter to connecting mobile phones and computers. It is more convenient and efficient than other disks. More >>
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A necessity for photography and video enthusiasts, see the different between 1$ and 8$ card readers?
Cheap carder readers perform worser than better quality ones. Card readers that are a little more expensive performs better in appearance, texture, speed, function. It is recommended to buy a better-quality card reader. More >>
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Expend mobile phone storage in 1 second, OTG dual-port high-speed solid-state mobile phone U disk, netizens: worth it
OTG dual port high-speed solid-state mobile phone usb drive can be inserted on both mobile phone ends and computer ends, which makes data transfer much more convenient. More >>
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Specification and Analysis of Authentication Solution
Released in August 2014, the USB Type-C specification has four features of smaller size, power charging, extensibility and usability. The article also lists several effective authentication solutions. In the follow-up development, USB Type- C aims to launch a... More >>
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Difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
The passage mainly introduces the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. In addition to theoretical maximum transmission speed and maximum current supply capacity, you can easily distinguish them from their appearance and structure such as the color of b... More >>
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