How to check whether the SD card memory card has been expanded or not?
MyDiskTest can help you test whether your cards have been expended or not. It first test the capacity of your cards, and then test whether it can store as much files as it claimed. Finally, the reading speed and writing speed is been tested. If your card can p... More >>
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Correct usage of dash camera memory card
On the trip to Mount Everest, the author tested the performance of Samsung storage device. After immerse it in salt water for three days or froze it for three days, it can still perform on its best performance and store data safely, the transmission speed rema... More >>
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The dash cam always prompts that the memory card is full. Do I need to format the memory regularly? why?
Many people may see "Please format the memory card" sign regularly. But with the following setting, it may never prompt again. First, use card with better quality. Then adjust the sensitivity of the gravity sensor function to the lowest. Also, turn off the par... More >>
Charles Lettpost @ October 15, 2020 09:35 views(411) comments(0)
Only this memory card is suitable for the circular recording of driving recorder
The small Micro SD card is suitable for driving recorder. It is small but with large capacity, its reading and writing speed allows continuous shooting and storage. Circular recording helps saves space. More >>
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USB flash causes the computer to restart with a blue screen. Have you ever experienced it?
Although USB has many security vulnerabilities, it still makes our lives more convenient and is indispensable. These vulnerabilities cannot be removed, but we can avoid the risks by using it safely and correctly. More >>
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Lock down does not prevent "Yangtze Memory" from competing with others. How powerful is the domestic 128-layer flash memory?
Yangtze Memory has successfully launched its 128-layer products. The products can be used in many scenarios. This means Yangtze Memory has caught up with the mainstream. The 128-layer QLC version will be the first to be applied to consumer SSDs, and gradually... More >>
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GoPro’s good partner, experience Kingston microSD memory card
GoPro is popular now because people like to record when they work out, the Kingston Canvas Go! Plus microSD memory card is perfectly suitable for GoPro devices, it can maintain stable data transmission even in extreme environment. Its actual reading and writin... More >>
Gellent Kanzerpost @ June 25, 2020 09:20 views(273) comments(0)
Memory card cannot be inserted in mobile phones for safety reasons?
Nowadays, most smart phones stop supporting memory card for four main reason: design, profit, safety and speed. With the upcoming 5G era and cloud service, data may all be saved online. More >>
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SD and microSD memory cards-the world's preferred memory card-20th anniversary innovation
SD Association has founded for 20 years by three main . It has revolutionized memory card standards, expand capacity, and increased the reading and writing speed of the memory card. It successfully made SD card customers’ first choice and has create a more rel... More >>
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China starts the 5G + trillion infrastructure projects, storage will embrace a new round of growth! WD's new enterprise NVMe SSD will be shipped in the second quarter
To meet the growing needs for capacity, the new WD Gold series NVMe SSD will come to market soon, it has faster response time, higher throughput and larger capacity. It also has power outages and data path protection. The new product can help people explore th... More >>
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