Micro SD card
bulk Micro SD card is a new generation memory device based on semiconductor flash memory. The new card has larger capacity of more than 32GB, and need to be supported by the new FAT32 file system to have better performance. With the development of technology,b... More >>
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SD card data recovery tutorial: 3 tools for recover photos deleted by accident from SD card with just one click
SD cards are very important to us, especially to those photography enthusiasts. Many factors may cause photos saved in SD cards be lost. But with some software, they can be retrieved. It is very important to find a software that is reliable. The author recomme... More >>
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Why does the driving recorder often "burn out" the micro sd card? Is there any good way to avoid it?
The driving recorders may burn out micro sd card. Sometimes, the fault is on the driving recorder, and sometimes it is the micro sd card’s problem. Use brand driving recorder and micro sd card, make sure they match with each other to solve this problem. More >>
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How to check whether the SD card memory card has been expanded or not?
MyDiskTest can help you test whether your cards have been expended or not. It first test the capacity of your cards, and then test whether it can store as much files as it claimed. Finally, the reading speed and writing speed is been tested. If your card can p... More >>
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Correct usage of dash camera memory card
On the trip to Mount Everest, the author tested the performance of Samsung storage device. After immerse it in salt water for three days or froze it for three days, it can still perform on its best performance and store data safely, the transmission speed rema... More >>
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The dash cam always prompts that the memory card is full. Do I need to format the memory regularly? why?
Many people may see "Please format the memory card" sign regularly. But with the following setting, it may never prompt again. First, use card with better quality. Then adjust the sensitivity of the gravity sensor function to the lowest. Also, turn off the par... More >>
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Only this memory card is suitable for the circular recording of driving recorder
The small Micro SD card is suitable for driving recorder. It is small but with large capacity, its reading and writing speed allows continuous shooting and storage. Circular recording helps saves space. More >>
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USB flash causes the computer to restart with a blue screen. Have you ever experienced it?
Although USB has many security vulnerabilities, it still makes our lives more convenient and is indispensable. These vulnerabilities cannot be removed, but we can avoid the risks by using it safely and correctly. More >>
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Lock down does not prevent "Yangtze Memory" from competing with others. How powerful is the domestic 128-layer flash memory?
Yangtze Memory has successfully launched its 128-layer products. The products can be used in many scenarios. This means Yangtze Memory has caught up with the mainstream. The 128-layer QLC version will be the first to be applied to consumer SSDs, and gradually... More >>
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GoPro’s good partner, experience Kingston microSD memory card
GoPro is popular now because people like to record when they work out, the Kingston Canvas Go! Plus microSD memory card is perfectly suitable for GoPro devices, it can maintain stable data transmission even in extreme environment. Its actual reading and writin... More >>
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