Mobile phone USB Flash Drive is every convenient and can help you expand the capacity of your mobile phones

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How to expand mobile phone memory? The choice of future mobile phone USB Flash drive

The mainstream capacity of mobile phone memory is between 64GB and 512GB. With the update and gradual improvement of the mobile phone APP and the improvement of mobile phone cameras. Without noticing, your mobile phone capacity will be nearly full after you download a few APPs and shoot a few HDR images. It is very inconvenient to clean up the space as time has accumulated and is very likely to delete files in mistake when cleanup space. What should we do?

Some people may say that science is developing and technology is improving. I just need to wait for the capacity upgration of the new mobile phone. In fact, this is not the case. If the mobile phone hard disk needs to be upgraded, it needs more advanced flash memory technology and higher stacking layers to ensure the performance of the hard disk while improving. From today’s technology level, it can be achieved, but the cost would be extremely high. Maybe it till be realized in the future, but as the saying goes, water afar quenches not fire. So how can we solve the problem of mobile phone storage? In fact, we only need a mobile phone U disk.

In order to let everyone understand the advantages of the mobile phone USB Flash Drive more clearly, the author will use the aigo dual interface mobile phone USB Flash Drive  U358 as an example below.

Before writing, I will give you a brief introduction about the U358 aigo dual-interface mobile phone USB Flash Drive that I am using now.

The aigo dual-interface mobile phone U358 is a portable USB Flash Drive with multiple connection methods. It has both Type-C interface and USB 3.1 interface. It is compatible to standard USB interfaces such as PC, smart TV, audio, etc., and can also be used on MacBook , Type-C interface mobile phones, tablet PCs, etc., it has good compatibility. The most critical part is that this USB Flash Drive can be inserted on the phone to expand capacity.

Next, let's look at the functional characteristics of the mobile phone USB Flash Drive represented by the aigo dual interface mobile phone USB Flash Drive U358.

01 Small in size, a practical mobile video storage tool

The biggest advantage of the aigo dual-interface mobile phone USB Flash Drive U358 is its compact size. Just like plug in a charger when plug the USB Flash Drive in the mobile phone, it will not affect the normal use of the mobile phone, nor will it affect the normal use of the mobile phone stabilizer.

The aigo dual-interface mobile phone usb thumb drive U358 can be called an artifact for outdoor shooting. After finishing recording, you can transfer the material to the USB Flash Drive to avoid recording failures due to insufficient space on the phone. In addition, after we shoot, we need to use a computer for post-production video editing. Thanks to the dual interface design of the USB Flash Drive, the USB Flash Drive can be directly connected to the computer for data file transfer, which saves time and effort.

In addition, we can also connect it to a Mac computer. Thanks to the design of compact size, it can always be plugged into the computer and used as an expanded USB flash drive.

02 Excellent data interaction ability

Of course, performance is inseparable when it comes to storage products. Next, I will use CrystalDiskMark to test and verify the theoretical continuous performance of aigo dual-interface mobile phone usb thumb drive U358.


Through the CrystalDiskMark test results, we can see that the reading speed of the aigo dual-interface mobile phone usb thumb drive U358 is 112.5MB/s and the writing speed is 54.55MB/s. The result is very excellent among mobile phone USB Flash Drives.

In addition, many users need to transmit data through mobile phones. We connect aigo dual-interface mobile phone usb thumb drive U358 to a mobile phone to conduct this test. The file size of this test is 500MB.

The test result of the connection between aigo dual-interface mobile phone usb thumb drive U358 and the mobile phone is as follows: The source file of this test is 500MB and it takes 7 seconds to transmit. During the test, the aigo dual-interface mobile phone USB Flash Drive U358 did not lose speed and was very stable.

03 Office entertainment artifact

The other advantage that has to be mentioned of aigo dual-interface mobile phone usb thumb drive U358 is that you can directly read the video in the USB Flash Drive for watching movies through mobile phones, which not only saves the phone space, but also is convenient when downloading. You can enjoy the experience of watching movies without delay in the car or on the plane when on business trips.

Of course, it can also help during our office work. When we share big data with customers, we can save the data in the mobile phone USB Flash Drive, so that we can quickly share it with customers.

What’s more, the aigo mobile phone usb thumb drive U358 also supports APP one-key backup function, which can back up files to the USB Flash Drive at one click, making it very convenient for phone changing, system restore and retrieve files.

04 Prevent cell phone stuck and avoid hidden dangers of data loss

I don’t know if you have ever experienced this. Your phone works well when you buy it, but it gets stuck after using it for a period of time. This is mostly caused by storing too many files. And the mobile phone USB Flash Drive can solve this problem perfectly. You can back up your phone files to a USB Flash Drive, and these data can easily be found even if the phone files are lost.

Of course, there is another advantage of mobile phone USB Flash Drive backup. When we are looking for data, we can use the computer to operate, which further improves the convenience of searching, and we can found the data wherever we want.

This made the me memorize that my precious photos in the cell phone, including the photo of my first love was all gone when my phone was sink in water, which took my youth away, when the sky was still blue.

05 In the end

Thinking of the past, we were so sure that a mobile phone with 16GB of capacity was enough for use. Today, a 16GB capacity is completely insufficient. Looking at the future, mobile phone capacity will still be a big problem. The mobile phone USB Flash Drive can perfectly solve the problem of insufficient mobile phone space and make life more portable.

If it were you, would you choose a mobile phone USB Flash Drive to fight the future?

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