Is mobile phone MicroSD card expansion necessary? Check out the results of the most recent poll
SD memory card expansion is convenient and easy to expand. Why do no mobile phone manufacturers choose this solution at present? More >>
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Effective today, the United States cuts off the China supply of EDA software
It is a big strike that the United States announce to ban EDA software in China. China has heavily replied on EDA software to proceed circuit design in IC design industry, in fact, my friend’s company found out they could not use this software last week. They... More >>
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A new type of flash memory called X-NAND gen2 doubles speed
The architecture of X-NAND in 2nd generation, technically still uses 4 to 16 sub-planes to increase data for bandwidth, the difference is that the data at present is programmed to the same plane of SLC (instead of three independent planes), and the final stora... More >>
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Which is better a CF card or an SD card?
1. Price difference: The cost of SD card is cheaper if the capacity for SD Card and CF card is same, also the waterproof performance of SD card is better, therefore, the cost-performance ratio for SD memory card is higher. 2. Difference in stability: The built... More >>
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How to distinguish between memory, DRAM and flash memory?
The differences between rom,ram,dram,sram and flash memory are often difficult for users to understand. More >>
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Which is better for long-term data storage
To store data, SSD is highly recommended. To make copy data, HDD is for daily use. To transfer data, USB disk is greatly suggested. It is very unstable to take SD card as long-term storage, it is not recommended. More >>
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A list of common data storage solutions
Choose a built-in hard drive or a net disk for general data. Private data is stored on a built-in hard drive. For repeated backups of essential data, choose a disk array or a regular hard disk. Choose NAS storage if you have a lot of data and wish to use it on... More >>
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What is CF card?
CF card is one type of memory card, it is widely applied in many devices at present. It seldom has mechanical problem, because it has no driver and any moving parts, which brings safety for loading image data. The life circle of CF card is also very long, ther... More >>
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Realtek 2022 Quarter2 Briefing
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Longsis-certified Yeestor 28nm eMMC5.1 main control chips in mass production
Yeestor is running one storage product line for universal storage (USB/Micro SD/SD), embedded storage (UFS/eMMC/SPI-NAND) and SSD storage (SATA/PCIe), also is available for one-stop storage control solutions. More >>
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