How to check whether the SD card memory card has been expanded or not?
MyDiskTest can help you test whether your cards have been expended or not. It first test the capacity of your cards, and then test whether it can store as much files as it claimed. Finally, the reading speed and writing speed is been tested. If your card can p... More >>
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How can I buy a better SSD without been cheated?
SSDs are popular in today’s electronic device, because they have excellent performance, smooth multitasking ability, low power consumption, and can be made in different shapes to fit the port. Choose the most suitable, cheapest, and best quality SSD, to get th... More >>
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Finally, someone made it clear about what is DRAM and what is NAND Flash
Storage is divided into "volatile" and "nonvolatile" storage based on whether data can be retained after the power is cut off. Volatile storage is divided into DRAM and SRAM and non-volatile storage is divided into ROM and Flash. SRAM is faster but more expens... More >>
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The situation in Chinese and Other countries storage companies is different as night and day
DRAM industry performance well this year, because Huawei purchased billions of semiconductors to supports its business, the rest of the industry experienced differently. Chinese manufacturers are trying hard to catch up with the trend. It is optimistic to esti... More >>
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Micron has started mass production of the world’s first 176-layer NAND, how will the market react?
Though NAND Flash has went through many ups and downs in these years, manufacturers are doing everything they can to improve the quality of their product. Micron has launched the world’s first 176-layer 3D NAND product, and other mainstream manufacturers are a... More >>
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