January 15th 2023

mobile phone storage OTG dual-port high-speed solid-state mobile phone USB flash drive, netizens: worth it

I use computer to work at office and a mobile phone to work at home. I believe this is the status quo of most people, but sometimes this way of working can be problematic. For example, when you need to extract some files and send them to other people, you will find that the information is in the USB drive. You need to find a computer to send out the information. I have always been thinking about whether there is a storage device that can be used on both the computer and the mobile phone. I found this device in hugdiy.com. It is the otg dual port high-speed solid-state mobile phone USB drive, today we will talk about this USB drive.

dual-port USB flash drive

In fact, the dual-port USB flash drive is not new to everyone. It has been popular for many years, but the transfer speed of the dual-port USB flash drive is too slow. You may need to wait 2-3 minutes to transfer a 1GB file, but it may take only a few seconds to transfer when using a computer, which is probably why most people would rather carry a laptop than a dual-port USB drive. However, this OTG dual-port high-speed solid-state mobile phone USB drive is different. It only takes 2 seconds to transfer a 1GB file. I believe this speed is acceptable to most people. Next, we will talk about the appearance.

otg dual-port high-speed solid-state mobile USB drive

This USB drive uses a metal body, which is very textured. It feels smooth and feels heavy at the same time. It is important to know that most USB drives currently use PC materials to weight lighter, but there are disadvantages that they may be lost without noticing. However, this USB drive is different, with some weight, you can feel its existence in the pocket, and it is more wear-resistant and shock-resistant than the PC metal body.

high-speed usb flash drive

The dual-port design is the mainstay of this USB flash drive. The otg dual-port high-speed solid-state mobile otg usb flash drive uses Type-C on one side (suitable for ultra-thin notebooks such as the new MacBook, as well as new mobile phones and iPad Pro), and the other side adopt USB3.1 interface (applicable to PC) is adopted. For us, the data can be stored in the USB drive when going to work, when there is still unfinished work when you are off work. You can insert it into your mobile phone or continue to complete the tasks on the laptop when you get home. It not only can increase office efficiency, but also can reduce the number of file transfers.

mobile phones OTG usb flash drive

Why this USB drive is called a high-speed USB drive is because it uses a solid-state storage chip, the reading speed can reach 520MB/s, the writing speed can reach 420MB/s, this reading and writing speed basically comparable with our desktop solid statedisk. For users, such reading and writing speed can also quickly store and export files, reducing waiting time.

OTG device

At present, most mobile phones support OTG. When you need to read USB drive data, you only need to insert the aigo dual-port high-speed solid-state mobile phone USB drive into the Type-C interface, and open the OTG in the mobile phone system to complete the connection. You can find the information in OTG device (that is, the USB drive) from the file management. For me, I can usually put some uncommon data in the USB drive. Once used, I can insert the USB drive, export data and forward it to other people. This is not only convenient and efficient, but also does not occupy the storage space of the mobile phone.

OTG USB AS SSD Benchmark test speed reaches 465mb per secend

Next, let’s take a look at the speed of the aigo dual-port high-speed solid-state mobile phone USB drive through PC speed measurement. I chose AS SSD Benchmark. From the screenshots, the reading speed can reach 460.60MB/s and the writing speed reaches 465.49MB/ s. Although there is some deviation from the official result, considering the temperature and hardware, this speed is also very fast.

In general, this USB drive is indeed convenient for us to use, especially when you need to read the data in the USB drive, no matter reading or writing from computer side, the new iPad Pro side, or the mobile side. Compared with ordinary USB3. 0, aigo dual-port high-speed solid-state mobile phone U-disk can read at 520mb/s and write at 420MB/s. It can save a lot of time when transferring large files. Finally, what’s your opinion towards this U-disk, do you think it will make our work more convenient?

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