MMC plus and MMC mobile cards

MMC Plus
1.In September 2004, the MMC Association launched MMC plus and MMC mobile products. The size of the MMC Plus card is the same as the ordinary MMC card, and it has a faster read speed. When it works at 52mhz frequency with an 8-bit data bandwid

Samsung PRO Plus SD memory card

Samsung PRO Plus SD memory card we recorded 60 frames of 1080p video with a Nikon d750,which lasted more than 60 seconds. Users will almost certainly have a better experience with them.

The chip market is changing, with ups and downs

TSMC warns customers of "excessive inventory"; sources say Intel will raise chip prices starting in the fall, with a maximum increase of 20%……
Main points:
1. SK Hynix has not yet decided whether to change the capital expenditure plan for 2023;

Technological innovation From PCIe 4.0 to PCIe 5.0

Based on the early evolution of PCIe and the key development of the applications behind it (big data, mobile internet, artificial intelligence), the demand for data traffic and technical capabilities promote each other, and the capabilities of computing, n

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