Card Reader can be compatible with all wholesale memory cards, it is a data input device that reads data from a card-shaped storage medium. By the function, it also has OTG Adapter. This adapter turns Micro USB to Type-c and Lightening connector. Another one is Headphone Audio & Charging Adapter, its creative design is easy to bring with you outside and ensure the high quality of music, which mean this item is suitable for your daily life or leisure time.

Guides for ordering Card reader and SD adapter from MRT

There are many electronic accessories related to Dashcam, GPS, Camera, PC, and Drone. You may point out that we are saying the Memory cards or USB drives, however, will these storage devices have accessories? Of course, the answer is “yes”. The existence of Card reader and SD adapter is to make memory products use better in different application. Let’s get start to know about these gadgets.


What are bulk sd Card reader and bulk micro sd adapter?

It is easily understood by the literal meaning. This product is for reading cards, what kind cards are available for reading? Will the cards have many types? Do any differences for them? These may be the puzzles happening to this item. If you know the specific information in advance, the doubts will be cleared and the purchase will be uncomplicated and free from worries or problems.

everything but stromboli memory Card reader is associated to the type of memory cards. It has the available model for Micro SD, SD Card, CF card, M2 Card and all the storage cards sold in the market. There single ports and multi ports for the card reader, it means you read one single card or many cards in one card reader. The function of it is reading data, loading content and transferring information among different devices. Traditional card readers are only working with PC or laptops, whereas the latest one has OTG function that supports phones; in another words, it is same as one OTG USB Drive as if we insert memory cards into it. The parameter of card reader is similar to USB stick, it has USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB 3.1, and card you need to read tightly affects the speed, as card reader is just the transmission bridge between cards and PC or phones. You could follow below guides to do perfect selection.

  • 1· To understand where you are going to read these cards, you can take the one with OTG function if you need to read in phones, otherwise normal type is good enough for your demands, the cost is much cheaper without OTG.
  • 2· You have to figure out the type of cards you have, there are Micro SD Card reader, SD Card reader, CF card reader and Multifunction Card reader. There is saving much cost if you take one port card reader, so it is important to know these requirements earlier.
  • 3· To know the speed of the card you are using, this is concerning about the card reader you order. As if you take one reader in USB 2.0 version, it will slow down the speed of your 3.0 card. This is one key factor to check before any orders.

SD adapter works in same function as card reader. It is mainly designed for Micro SD cards. It turns the Micro SD Card into SD Size that can be used in varies cameras, the main purpose of it is also transferring data, reading content and sharing information. Besides it, the key reason for it is to saving cost on buying Micro SD card instead of SD Card; you also can consider SD adapter as one replacement for full size SD Card. If you hope the order of SD adapter is correct and accurate, the following guides will be beneficial.

  • 1· To check if the SD adapter has working lock button, although it is one inexpensive accessory, there are still many inferior ones. The first step to check the quality is to test the lock function; those adapters in poor quality are failing to run on the lock function.
  • 2· To check the transferring speed when using the SD adapter, as this adapter will not drag behind the speed of Micro SD Card; it can achieve transmission in same level.


The types of Card reader and SD adapter

Card readers are only two types. One is normal version, which is for reading varies memory cards. The other one is OTG version, which is with extra function of OTG. However, the attractive part of card reader is the shell design, it is almost same as USB drive, there are cartoon, plastic, and metal housing for card reader.

SD adapter is more simple and plain. There is just one type for it, that’s SD adapter in SD size. To be more accurate, there is another SD adapter in half size, which is designed for MAC. Although there is no special type for SD adapter, the color of the adapter shell can be colorful; this raises the sales in promotion.

You could check below guides, if you hope you get the right deal.

  • 1· You’d better order normal version and regular color for card reader and SD adapter if you have fewer budgets. As factory usually has large stocks on regular model, the cost of this type will be affordable for most clients.
  • 2· The customization for them has MOQ, you could ask for sample before any formal order. As logo printing for them is inexpensive, it is the better way to run on any trial order.


bulk SD adapter trend in the market

Accessory is consumable items in the market, the demands for them is huge. Let’s take SD adapter as an example, the cost of it is just around 15 cents (USD currencty), the normal order of it is normally thousands pcs. It is cheap but high demands, therefore it is one nice product to sell. Also the internal structure of SD adapter is uncomplicated; the fail rate may be only one out of one thousand. There is free of after sales issues to order these products.


Wholesale source for Card reader and SD adapter - - MRT

With the brief guides mentioned above, the purchase for Card reader and SD adapter will be easy and simple. MRT can guarantee the supply is stable and reliable, no matter you go for memory cards or card readers, and the quality of them is solid and trustable. MRT insists on long-term business, you will get good offer and strong source as if you stay with MRT.

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